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There are three main manufacturers of home video game systems; Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft's currently has the Xbox 360, Sony has the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo has the Wii.

The Xbox is intended to be played online with other users. The Xbox also enables users to connect cameras, digital music players, televisions and surround systems.

Sony's PlayStation 3 is apparently more powerful than the Xbox. Video players can not only videoconference over the Internet but also have movie quality graphics, colors and motion.

Ninetendo's Wii is a more affordable choice for a home video game system. It doesn't have the same capabilities as the Xbox or PlayStation, but has innovative, networked game capabilities.

The Gameboy Advance[edit | edit source]

With all the current hype these days about the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 which were just released, there is not much out there about the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Although it's not exactly new, it spans from the good old gameboy which most kids I went to school with had. Its previous boxy, grey, somewhat awkward body has evolved into a sleek foldable compact little device that comes in colors ranging from Graphite to Pearl Blue. Its improvements include a clear backlit screen which emphasizes the graphic richness and brings out ultra clear sharpness of the games. The picture can vividly display clear high-resolution graphics in hundreds of colors at once. Newer versions allow for the use of wireless adapters so up to five people can play with/against each other in compatible multiplayer games. The Gameboy Advance features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which delivers hours of nonstop gaming. It recharges quickly to get you back into the game ASAP. Its improved sound quality also allows you to hear the action through a speaker (and a headphone jack). In addition to the music, you can hear audio effects and even voice. There are also many other accessories out there you may purchase to jazz up your Gameboy Advance if you like. All the numerous games out there will never fail to keep you entertained no matter what age you are!

The Nintendo Wii[edit | edit source]

The Nintendo Wii is a new gaming console that has taken the user and put them directly into the game. Taking the traditional concept of gaming systems and putting a new spin on it, the Nintendo Wii uses the user's movements and placement into play. Using a sensor that is mounted on top of the T.V. the gameplay measures very accurately the movement of the controller. Nintendo is using this new technology to compete with their powerful competitors the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. While all three of these consoles have improved gameplay graphics, speed, and size, the Nintendo Wii is trying to take the gaming industry and push it to expand horizons. Whether you are playing tennis, boxing, racing games, or even first-person adventure games the system makes you perform realistic actions that get you into the game. Also another innovative feature about the Nintendo Wii is the ability to download and play any game from any Nintendo system, EVER! So games from the beginning of video-gaming itself can be played. Games like Mario 3 or Blades of Steel from the original Nintendo all the way to Nintendo 64 Mario Kart are accessible on this system.

Sony PlayStation 3[edit | edit source]

Just released in mid November 2006 the PlayStation 3 had buyers camping out for up to a week in advance. Police all over North America have had to deal with fights over the limited number of machines including one instance where a man was stabbed. This was one of the most anticipated launches since Microsoft released the 360. To date the new PlayStation 3 has received more criticism than praise. Aside from the $600.00 price tag reviews have criticized Sony for rushing the release to get it out before Christmas. There are very few games however this is to be expected with any new console hitting the market. Many users who waited in anticipation have say the rival Xbox 360 still remains dominate in the graphics department. Other criticism is that there is no cradle for the controllers to charge (and that you have to plug them in) and that a few units have been overheating. Despite all of this if you are looking at a new gaming system the Sony PlayStation is still a sure bet with a number of new title games on the way and with the backing of Sony it is sure to be a hit.

Downtime[edit | edit source]

Sony had major problems, around early to mid 2011, as their online network for PlayStation 3 was "hacked" making Sony to voluntarily take the service down. The intrusion was blamed on the infamous hacking group, Anonymous, although there was no evidence to lead on, leaving to believe some members could have acted alone in this instance. The whole situation left over 70 millions accounts registered with no online activity for a few weeks. PlayStation 3 forums, blogs, and twitter accounts experienced an overload of complaints about the length of the outage. Sony did offer incentives, such as two free full game downloads and a month free of its PlayStation Plus subscription, after the network was finally restored.

Information made available via BBC Technology News at

PlayStation 3

The Xbox 360[edit | edit source]

The Xbox 360 is a revolution in home gaming consoles. Capitalizing on HDTV, the Xbox works with these new high power TVs to create unparalleled graphics. Although the newly released PlayStation 3 was set to compete with the graphics, many users have said that the year old Xbox still takes the cake with the quality of graphics. Microsoft has combated the PS3 and taken over a huge part of the market which used to solely belong to Sony. By creating games exclusive to Xbox such as 'Gears of War' and the much anticipated first person shooter 'Halo 3' there are many gamers that are forced into staying with the Xbox due to excitement about these games. Technology like wireless controllers, the online gaming system (Xbox Live) and HD gaming really took the gaming market and took it to the next step pushing companies like Sony and Nintendo to compete for this market share. Xbox Live is also a very strong attraction for gamers. Although it costs money as opposed to the play station online gaming (which is at no cost), the Xbox has superior speed and forum management. There is very rarely any lag that occurs and commonly more users that are online which allows for better connection rates. Games, software, music, videos and TV shows are also capable for download of the Xbox browser. Doubling as a Windows media player as well with a 20 GB hard drive it makes it virtually a PC doubling as a media hub. The draw backs to the Xbox are a noisy exhaust fan, a massive 'power brick' that is a external power outlet to make the actual console lighter.they have got another Xbox the new Xbox 360 elite which was released in March 2007 it is basically the same but it comes in black and comes with a 120g hard drive and has not got all the bugs or problems that the original Xbox 360 had like the over heating and scratching of discs.

PSP[edit | edit source]

PSP stands for Play Station Portable. It is a brand new gaming console that can be held in a user's hands. With capabilities such as gaming, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the Internet, playing games online with friends. The PSP comes equipped with Wi-Fi technology which allows the user to access the Internet picking up wireless signals. It uses disks called UMD (Universal Media Disk) which are capable of holding games for the PSP as well as full length movies. It often comes out with firmware updates which keep increasing the possible uses for the machine. With amazing graphics on a 4.3 inch LCD screen it's display features are one of a kind in the market and really set this portable gaming unit away from the rest. With recent firmware updates you are capable of fully surfing the Internet just as if you were on a PC. Also with the add on of a bigger memory stick, one is able to download full length movies or images giving the PSP capability to do virtually any media task it is asked to do.

Videogame systems[edit | edit source]

When we want to get away from the stress of everyday school, work, life, etc. we will sit down in front of the television and turn on the hottest video game. In the 21st century the trends include snatching up the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, or the Nintendo WII. All three of these systems are the latest upgrades from Nintendo, PlayStation, and XBOX. For generations it was the Atari, CollecoVision, the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Cube, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, and emulators which you can download an entire video game arcade for about 200GB and play them as they originally came out from the arcade from 1940s to the present trends. I might be a video game junkie but to this day all of these consoles still work and is never bored when I am not in the mood to watch TV, or a Blu-Ray. For the computer I have Multiple Arcade Emulator Machine (M.A.M.E. v.0115 which I think is still the latest version since they upgrade every six months. With the newer systems besides being able to play the hottest game like Call of Duty Black Opts, Halo 3, Mortal Kombat 2011, Dead Rising 2, Super Mario Brothers 2010, and The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess to name a few from the millions of video games you are able to play DVDs, rent movies from Netflix, and play additional components online via wireless Internet access, and of course download additional content from the PlayStation, XBOX360, or Nintendo WII online Market Place to add bonus material to your video games to add bonus upgrades that don't get sold with the games from the market.

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