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Information[edit source]

This template is for use on anon userpages where the anon in question has made a few "test"-style edits that don't appear to be intentional vandalism. It is written in a tone between that of {{test}} and {{joinus}} — the former may scare off potential good contributors and the latter is intended for users who are making constructive edits, so this is a middle ground between the two.

Usage[edit source]

Place this on User talk pages of anonymous editors who are making "test"-style edits that do not appear to be malicious in nature. The user may simply be clicking buttons to see what they do. Do not transclude this template, instead use {{subst:TestFriendly}} to copy the contents to the User talk page. This template has one parameter intended for a signature; if left blank, no signature will be included. To sign this message, use {{subst:TestFriendly|~~~~}}.