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Welcome to Wikibooks! You do not need to log in to read or edit books at Wikibooks, but creating an account is quick, free and non-intrusive, requires no personal information, and gives you many benefits, including:

  • A username of your choice for directly attributing your contributions.
  • A personal user page, a talk page, and a watchlist to monitor pages that interest you.
  • The ability to rename pages and to customize some aspects of the Wikibooks interface.
  • People will recognize you as a member of the Wikibooks community, and you will be eligible to review pages as you gain experience.
  • Your IP address will be hidden from most users, which may give you a greater sense of security and privacy.

We hope that you choose to join our community as a Wikibookian and create an account.

Feel free to ask any questions on my talk page or in the Reading room. Be sure to sign your talk page comments with four tildes (~~~~).

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This template is designed to encourage IP editors to create an account and reap the benefits of joining the Wikibooks community.




on the user's discussion page (not the user page itself). Use 1=~~~~ if your signature has styles applied to it.

A short personal note is always nice. You can include it in the template:

{{subst:joinus|Your note here. --~~~~}}

This will append the note to the standard salutation.


If placed on a page outside the "User talk" namespace, it will produce:

To place this on pages in other namespaces (such as Wikibooks:Templates/User messages) set the "force" variable to whatever the namespace is:


See also

  • {{bigwelcome}} – goes into far more detail than the terse welcome
  • {{welcome}} – shorter and more succinct than the big welcome