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Template documentation[edit] [history] [purge]

This template can be used to generate a generic sort key. See Help:Tables#Sortable_tables. It is useful in many different situations. For example:

When used in the first row of a sortable column, it forces the column to sort alphabetically.
When a cell contains a wiki link, it can be used to force the cell to be sorted by some hidden text and not the bracket.


{{sms|some text}}


{{sms|some text}} generates <span style="display:none">&some text</span>

See also[edit]

  • {{Nts}} – used to generate hidden sort keys for numbers
  • {{Ntsh}} – used to generate hidden sort keys for numbers (does not display the number)
  • {{Ntsc}} – for converted units, sorts by the first number
  • {{Ntss}} – same as Nts, but allows for the number to be scaled
  • {{Convert}} – has a sortable option
  • {{Dts}} – for sorting dates