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Ntss stands for Number Table Sorting Scaled and display numbers with short or long scales in a sortable table and have them numerically sorted in alphabetic sort mode. It is applied to all numbers of a column, in cases where numeric sort mode does not work or is not desired.




  • value - the significant value that will be displayed in front of the scale (required).
  • scale - scale used with value, see below.
  • long - if included, will use long scales, otherwise uses short scales; see below.
  • prefix - String to display before the number.

Decimal scales[edit]

Using long and short scales:

  • thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion

The "long" (old British) scales differ from "billion" (1012) onwards. When using long scales, this template also accepts the following -iard scales:

  • milliard, billiard, trilliard, quadrilliard

Bit and byte scales[edit]

Using standard SI prefixes:

  • bit, kbit, Mbit, Gbit, Tbit, Pbit, Ebit, Zbit, Ybit
  • byte or "B", kB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, YB

Using binary prefixes:

  • kibit, Mibit, Gibit, Tibit, Pibit, Eibit, Zibit, Yibit
  • kiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, PiB, EiB, ZiB, YiB


Template Result
{{Ntss|9.1}} &100000000000000090999999.1
{{Ntss|8.2|thousand}} &100000000000082000000008.2 thousand
{{Ntss|8.4|million}} &100000000084000000000008.4 million
{{Ntss|35|billion}} &1000003500000000000000035 billion
{{Ntss|2|trillion}} &10002000000000000000000trillion
{{Ntss|4|billion|long}} &10004000000000000000000billion
{{Ntss|12|thousand|prefix=$}} &10000000000012000000000$12 thousand

See also[edit]

  • {{Nts}} – used to generate hidden sort keys for numbers
  • {{Ntsh}} – used to generate hidden sort keys for numbers (does not display the number)
  • {{Ntsc}} – for converted units, sorts by the first number
  • {{Convert}} – has a sortable option
  • {{Dts}} – for sorting dates
  • {{Sms}} – used to generate any hidden sort key