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[[:Category:Shelf:{{{shelf}}}]]Category:Book:Wikibooks Stacks/Shelves

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This template lists books related to the specified shelf, with given status and using given manner of listing.



  • shelf — the name of the shelf. No Shelf: prefix.
  • show all — specifies whether to list books in descendant shelves as well as in this shelf; blank lists only those in this shelf; split lists first books in this shelf, then books in descendants; any other non-blank value lists books in this shelf and descendants as a single undifferentiated list.
  • cat — a category that books must belong to in order to be listed; if used, usually some child of Category:Books by completion status.
  • not — a category that books must not belong to, in order to be listed; if used, usually Category:Books by completion status/all books.
  • namespace — a namespace books must belong to in order to be listed.
  • stable — either only, indicating that books shouldn't be listed unless they have a sighted version, or blank indicating that books should be listed regardless of whether they have a sighted version.
  • maxcount — upper bound on number of books to be listed.

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