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This category contains shelves in the Wikibooks Stacks.

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  1. Shelf:Linguistics
  2. Shelf:Sylheti language
  3. Shelf:Russian language
  4. Shelf:Ukrainian language
  5. Shelf:The Sims
  6. Shelf:Toki Pona
  7. Shelf:Mirad
  8. Shelf:Novial
  9. Shelf:Meitei language
  10. Shelf:Minecraft
  1. Shelf:Computer software
  2. Shelf:Mathematical references
  3. Shelf:Oceanic history
  4. Shelf:Culinary arts
  5. Shelf:Miscellaneous
  6. Shelf:Political ideologies
  7. Shelf:Languages of Asia
  8. Shelf:Languages of South America
  9. Shelf:History of Computation
  10. Shelf:Standard examinations

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