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This is the documentation for the template RootIO designed for the book ROOT. Please embed this documentation on the template's page (or elsewhere) with {{ROOT/Template Documentation/RootIO}}. To edit the template documentation, please edit this page.

This is a template designed for the book ROOT. It should be used to create new templates that can be used to format ROOT input / output during an interactive session. The text given as argument is displayed in a light gray box in a typewriter font.

Please do not use this template to format interactive ROOT in-/output directly. Use the appropriate of the following derived templates instead:



Parameter Default Value Mandatory Description
content   no Text to be displayed inside the box.


In this example, we display the text "I didn't know that!" in a RootIO box.


{{ROOT/RootIO|content = I didn't know ''that''!}}


I didn't know that!