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This is a template designed for the book ROOT. It should be used to mark template documentation sites.

Usage[edit source]

Syntax[edit source]

{{ROOT/Template Documentation}}

How to document a template for the book ROOT[edit source]

Say we want a template MyTemplate.

  1. First we create the template on the page Template:ROOT/MyTemplate
  2. Next we create an other template on the page Template:ROOT/Template Documentation/MyTemplate. On this page we put the documentation and embed this box[1].
  3. Important: Put <noinclude></noinclude> tags around the {{ROOT/Template Documentation}} so it won't appear on pages where the documentation is just embedded.
  4. Now we embed the documentation on the template's site via: {{ROOT/Template Documentation}}.
  5. Important: The syntax Template:ROOT/MyTemplate and Template:ROOT/Template Documentation/MyTemplate must be strictly followed or the thing won't work.

Example[edit source]

Since this template analyzes the page information, an example can't be given. Check out the source of the template's own documentation site for an example if really needed.

Notes[edit source]


  1. From a technical point of view, the documentation is of course a template again. But it would become an awkward loop to document it again. Since a documentation template never takes any parameters and has an obvious purpose, it should be absolutely clear how to use it even without documentation.