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Usage[edit source]

Displays the recent changes filtered for a category.

Template parameters

categorycategory 1

The category to show recent changes for, without namespace prefix; by default the current page’s title

Book:Lua Programming
Page nameoptional

Example[edit source]

{{RC}} into Category:Book:Lua Programming gives:

More recent additions More recent modifications
  1. Lua Programming/Statements
  2. Lua Programming/Print version
  3. Lua Programming/whitespace/freeform
  4. Lua Programming/Single page version
  5. Lua Programming/Contents
  6. Lua Programming/Appendix:Software testing
  7. Lua Programming/Lead
  8. Lua Programming/A simple card game
  9. Lua Programming/Glossary
  10. Lua Programming/Index
  1. Lua Programming
  2. Lua Programming/Single page version
  3. Lua Programming/Print version
  4. Lua Programming/Statements
  5. Lua Programming/Expressions
  6. Lua Programming/case conversion
  7. Lua Programming/Notes
  8. Lua Programming/Introduction
  9. Lua Programming/Lead
  10. Lua Programming/Standard libraries

See also[edit source]

  • This template is embedded by MediaWiki:category-article-count on pages of all categories that contain at least one article (i.e. have at least one member which is not a subcategory or a file).