Lua Programming/Contents

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This book is divided into the following chapters and appendices:

Introduction 100% developed
This chapter introduces the Lua language and gives a brief overview of its purpose and history. It also introduces some programming concepts.
Expressions 100% developed
This chapters provides comprehensive coverage of expressions, operators and types.
Statements 100% developed
This chapter describes the statements available in Lua.
Functions 100% developed
This chapter explains the purpose and usage of functions and describes the syntax for function definitions.
Tables 100% developed
This chapter covers table constructors, metatables, iterators and sorting.
Standard libraries 100% developed
This chapter describes the functionality offered by the standard libraries.
Appendix: Software testing 100% developed
This appendix gives information about testing programs written in Lua.
Glossary 100% developed
This glossary contains accurate definitions of all significant terms used in the book and relevant to the subject.
Index 100% developed
This index contains a list of all the topics and functions covered in the book and references to the locations in the book where these topics and functions are described.