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Purpose and usage
This template forms correct internet addressing for a plain jane page title by providing the appropriate front part and title of the URL, allowing in-line linking to the External TrainzOnline 'TrainzWiki'.
  • This processing keeps editing simpler by link construction hyperlinking a Wikibook word or phrase to the TrainzOnline wiki (operated by N3V Games Pty., Ltd) covering the technical topic.
  • The target page title must be properly specified, substituting underscores for spaces and %22 Unicode for double-quotes, when either spaces or double-quotes is part of the namespace title on the TrainzOnline Wiki.
  • The template is a single target site version of the meta-template {{plain links}}.
Key Coding
<includeonly><span class="plainlinks">[http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/


This template forms a link between the Trainz Wikibook and a 'TrainzOnline' reference page on the N3V Games Mediawiki based 'TrainzOnline Wiki' web site using: http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/ as a prefix for the default url or equivalent{{{1}}} parameter.

  • This template is used extensively in the Trainz Wikibook.
  • Multi-word article's titles may not contain a space, but must instead use an underscore.
  • Section titles are permissible as well, following an '#' operator, but again the string MAY NOT contain whitespace characters.
Bottom Line: Use Underscore characters '_' instead  of spaces or tabs.


Warning: Accessing links with certain punctuation characters will break the link parsing. If a formed url truncates, the next character needs a UNICODE escape character. The Prime case in linking N3V's TrainzOnline Wiki is pages containing the double-quote in the title such as "Trainz-build" tag' which can be coded as %22 for the quotes so using %22Trainz-build%22 tag' will work.
  • Moral, when capturing a link from your browser's address bar, use CTRL+A to force a full base url, then CTRL+C to capture the Unicoded internationally acceptable url. Past the url, then truncate from the http: to the slash before the page title as the input to {{N3V}}. Use of the truncated part like the example given above will keep the page text orderly, and removing the underscores with successive copy and paste will form a prettyprint hyperlinked output string.
  • Alternatively, the full url may be passed to template {{plain link}} another more general tool in the external linking templates similar to this one to produce viable correct links.
  • ALL EXTERNAL LINKS should be tested before finalizing your edits! Use of a browser which does not preserve your previewed edit and enable you to back track to finish like Internet Explorer is counter-productive.

Example-1: {{N3V | category-class }} creates the external link: category-class
  • A pretty-print (pipetrick) can be given as the second default {{{2}}} parameter.
Example-2: the format: {{N3V | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} }} with the parameters defined: {{N3V | KIND TrainzBaseSpec | Kinds list }} will form the link: TrainzBaseSpec Kinds list.
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