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Purpose and usage
This template forms correct internet addressing for a plain jane page title by providing the appropriate front part and title of the URL, allowing in-line linking to the External TrainzOnline 'TrainzWiki'.
  • This processing keeps editing simpler by link construction hyperlinking a Wikibook word or phrase to the TrainzOnline wiki (operated by N3V Games Pty., Ltd) covering the technical topic.
  • The target page title must be properly specified, substituting underscores for spaces and %22 Unicode for double-quotes, when either spaces or double-quotes is part of the namespace title on the TrainzOnline Wiki.
  • The template is a single target site version of the meta-template {{plain links}}.
Key Coding
<includeonly><span class="plainlinks">[http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/