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Table of Cameras Table of Formats
Model number {{{model number}}}
Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Intro date {{{intro date}}}
Category {{{category}}}
Price {{{price}}}
Format(s) {{{format}}}
Mediums {{{mediums}}}
Sensor resolution {{{sensor res}}}
Aspect ratio {{{aspect}}}
Sensor tech {{{sensor tech}}}
Sensor manufacturer {{{sensor manf}}}
# sensors {{{number of sensors}}}
Sensor size {{{sensor size}}}
Recording res & fps {{{rec res}}}
Shutter mechanism {{{shutter mech}}}
Shutter speeds {{{shutter speeds}}}
Luma sampling freq. {{{luma}}}
Chroma subsampling {{{chroma}}}
Colour model {{{colour model}}}
Colour depth {{{colour depth}}}
Low light performance {{{low light}}}
Available sensitivities {{{sens}}}
Lens {{{lens}}}
In-built filters {{{filters}}}
Adjustable gamma {{{gamma}}}
Viewfinder {{{viewfinder}}}
LCD size {{{LCD}}}
Dynamic Range {{{DR}}}
Signal to Noise Ratio {{{SNR}}}
Video outputs {{{vid out}}}
Video inputs {{{vid in}}}
Audio inputs {{{audio in}}}
Audio Compression {{{audio compression}}}
# audio channels {{{num aud channels}}}
audio sample rate {{{audio sample rate}}}
audio quantisation {{{audio quant}}}
Digital IO {{{dIO}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Notes {{{notes}}}