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This template is designed to encourage IP editors to create an account and reap the benefits of joining the Wikibooks community.

Usage[edit source]



on the user's discussion page (not the user page itself). Use 1=~~~~ if your signature has styles applied to it.

A short personal note is always nice. You can include it in the template:

{{subst:joinus|Your note here. --~~~~}}

This will append the note to the standard salutation.

Escaping[edit source]

If placed on a page outside the "User talk" namespace, it will produce:

To place this on pages in other namespaces (such as Wikibooks:Templates/User messages) set the "force" variable to whatever the namespace is:


See also[edit source]

  • {{bigwelcome}} – goes into far more detail than the terse welcome
  • {{welcome}} – shorter and more succinct than the big welcome