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Guide to Unix is incomplete. At Wikibooks, you can edit this book now. Here are some suggestions for improvements:

How to use[edit]

This paragraph can appear on multiple Guide to Unix pages, usually above the various tables of contents. It suggests how to contribute. The paragraph provides a link for editing itself. This updates the paragraph on all pages that use it.

How it works[edit]

The HTML "div" element (between <div> and </div> tags) is a simple block-level element to which one can apply CSS style. In contrast, HTML "span" is an inline-level element. A "div" appears above or below other paragraphs while a "span" is embedded in paragraphs.

The template contains two "div" elements. The inner div contains the "Edit this paragraph" link and floats to the right. The floating actually causes the inner div to appear inside the outer div (the green box) but with the text of the outer div wrapping around it. See the CSS spec on floats.

The outer div causes that paragraph to have a green background. The color #ccffcc has cc red light, ff green light, and cc blue light, which makes it almost white (#ffffff). It appears light green because it has less red and blue light than white does. Light values range from 00, 01, 02, ... fd, fe, ff.