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This template can be used to add a navigation bar to "assessment by topic" category pages that follow the naming convention "Category:quality-quality topic pages" (e.g. Category:Start-quality history pages) in order to facilitate navigation between the various assessment quality categories for that topic. By default, the template will also add the category to the parent categories "Topic pages by quality" (e.g. History pages by quality) and "quality-quality pages" (e.g. Start-quality pages).


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{{cat quality


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  • topic - set so that your category is, e.g. "Quality-quality topic pages"
  • quality - should be one of FB, a, b, c, start, stub, NB, or Unassessed
  • sort (optional) - the key you want to use to sort the category in its parent Category:Foo-quality pages
  • parent (optional) - set so that your importance categories are subcategories of "parent pages by quality". If not defined, defaults to topic.

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Standard class types
 FB   A   B   C 
{{quality|FB}} {{quality|A}} {{quality|B}} {{quality|C}}
 Start   Stub   NB   ??? 
{{quality|Start}} {{quality|Stub}} {{quality|NB}} {{quality|Unassessed}}
Non-standard quality types
 Project   Category   Shelf   Template 
{{quality|Project}} {{quality|Category}} {{quality|Shelf}} {{quality|Template}}
Priority types
 Top   High   Mid 
{{priority|Top}} {{priority|High}} {{priority|Mid}}
 Low   NB   ??? 
{{priority|Low}} {{priority|NB}} {{priority|Unknown}}