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Template:Pages by Priority

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This template will display, in a horizontal table, the number of pages of each priority, which belong to a particular WikiProject. The syntax is as follows:

{{Pages by Priority


  • |topic= (required) - set so that the priority categories are: "Foo-priority topic pages".
  • |project= (optional) - if defined, a refresh button and the following caption is displayed below the table: "WikiProject project pages by priority".


{{Pages by Priority|topic=language|project=Languages}}

will result in:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  NB  ??? Total
WikiProject Languages  pages by priority     Refresh
Formatting template layout

By using the |format= tag, you can change the way the template is formatted using one of Wikibooks' defined styles (CSS).

{{Pages by Priority|topic=language|project=Languages|format=toc}}

will result in:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  NB  ??? Total
WikiProject Languages  pages by priority     Refresh

You can use any of the Wikibooks-defined classes in this parameter. In this example, the switch changes the style from the default wikitable to the toc style used in the {{Cat priority}} template. All formatting in the template will be changed to the defined style chosen and cannot be modified.

Task force example

{{Pages by Priority
 |project    = Languages
 |topic      = French language
 |task_force = yes
  |tf_link   = French language task force
  |parent    = Languages
 |format     = toc

will generate:

 Top  High  Mid  Low  NB  ??? Total
French language task force  pages by priority     Refresh

See also

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