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This template maps page names in the Calculus book to section numbers. It takes a single parameter, the page name to be mapped, and it returns a section number. For example, {{Calculus/map page|Algebra} returns 1.1. The intent is to allow the use of section numbers to make references to other sections simpler for the reader yet be easy for editors to maintain. When an editor wants to reference another section, they should wrap the name of the section with this template to translate the page number into a section reference.


This code:

Please refer to section {{Calculus/map page|Algebra}} for a review of basic algebra topics.

produces this output:

Please refer to section 1.1 for a review of basic algebra topics.

If the passed parameter does not currently match any of the pages listed in the template, the following message is displayed: Failed to match page to section number. Check your argument; if correct, consider updating Template:Calculus/map page.

See also[edit]

  • {{Calculus/TOC}}, the higher-level, bottom-of-page navigation template