Tajik/Lesson 2

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Tajik Language Course

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Х - kh - like Spanish "J" in Jose


Comment: If you talk to one person and would like to make it respectful, use "Шумо" and not "шумо". You need to use "шумо" with small first letter character only if you need to talk to more people, than one.

Салом, ман аз дидори Шумо хурсандам!
Salom, man az didori Shumo khursandam
Hello, I am glad to see you!
Рӯз ба хайр, ман ҳам.
Ruz ba khayr, man ham
Good afternoon, me too.
Номи ман Анвар, номи Шумо чист?
Nomi man Anvar, nomi Shumo chist?
My name is (lit. [they] call me) Anvar, and yours (lit. [how they call] you)?
Хеле хушҳолам!
Khele khush-holam
Pleased to meet you.
Номи ман бошад Шоира Раҳимова, кӯтоҳ Шоира
Nomi man boshad Shoira Rahimova, kutoh Shoira
And mine is (lit. [they call] me) Shoira Rahimova, call me just Shoira.
Ташаккур, то боздид!
Tashakkur, to bozdid
Thank you, see you again (lit. till the meeting)!
Good bye (lit. till the seeing).
Салом, номи ман Абдулатиф аст.
Salom, nomi man Abdulatif ast.
Hello, my name is Abdulatif.