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Mgá Buwan - Months[edit | edit source]

Tagalog Spanish English
Enero enero January
Pebrero febrero February
Marso marzo March
Abríl abril April
Mayo mayo May
Hunyo junio June
Hulyo julio July
Agosto agosto August
Setyembre septiembre September
Oktubre octubre October
Nobyembre noviembre November
Disyembre diciembre December

Mgá Araw ng Linggó - Days of the Week[edit | edit source]

These words originated from the Spanish and just evolved as time passed.

Tagalog Spanish English
Linggó (Domingo) domingo Sunday
Lunes lunes Monday
Martes martes Tuesday
Miyérkulés miércoles Wednesday
Huwebes jueves Thursday
Biyernes viernes Friday
Sábadó sábado Saturday

Telling the date[edit | edit source]

Telling the date in Tagalog if translated in English will be like this:

Ika Uno ng Disyembre First of December

Days are said in Ordinal Numbers (and here, for stating the date, you would not use the alternate ordinal prefix "pang-"; only the use of "ika-" is appropriate).

Telling the time[edit | edit source]

Pedro: Anong oras na Pilar? Pilar: Alas Diyes Bente y Quatro na ng Umaga Pedro: Anong petsa ngayon? Pilar: Ika Labing Walo ng Nobyembre Pedro: Salamat Pilar: Walang anuman

Salin sa Ingles (English Translation)[edit | edit source]

Peter: What time is it Pilar? Pilar: It's Ten Twenty Four in the morning Pedro: What's the date today? Pilar: It's the Eighteenth of November Pedro: Thank you Pilar: No Problem

Oras - Time Minuto - Minutes Sekundo - Second

Hours (Oras):

Ala Una - One O'clock Alas Dos - Two O'clock Alas Tres - Three O'clock Alas Kwatro - Four O'clock Alas Singko - Five O'clock Alas Sais - Six O'clock Alas Siyete - Seven O'clock Alas Otso - Eight O'clock Alas Nuebe - Nine O'clock Alas Diyes - Ten O'clock Alas Onse - Eleven O'clock Alas Dose - Twelve O'clock

Minutes (Minuto)

Uno Dos Tres Kwatro Singko Sais Siyete Otso Nueve Diyes Onse Dose Trese Katorse Kinse Disisais Disisiyete Disiotso Disinwebe Bente

Numbers over 20[edit | edit source]

Telling minutes over 20 is similar to spanish just add 'Y' inbetween the numbers for example:

Alas Bente y Kwatro


Trenta - Thirty Kwarenta - Forty Singkwenta - Fifty

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