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Disp variable or expression e.g. :Disp "HELLO!"

Displays on screen and scrolls down. Numbers right, strings left. To make a blank line, type :Disp ""

There can be multiple expressions or variables with each having its own line

:Disp "HELLO","WORLD!"

If no arguments are added, the Home screen is displayed.


Pause variable or expression


:Pause "Press the right arrow key to see the rest of this sentence."

Displays on screen and scrolls down. Numbers right, strings left. If item is longer than 16 widths, user can scroll.


Text(y,x,Var) or Text(y,x,Str) or Text(y,x,Str,Var)


:Text(1,1,A) or :Text(1,1,"HELLO") or :Text(1,1,"VALUE IS",A)

This command displays text or variables like all the other commands, though it displays text on the draw screen, using a slightly more space efficient font size.
*Notice that this command inverts the x and y coordinates when displaying text and that it starts from the upper left 1,1 coordinate.


This command writes the text as big as it would be written on the HomeScreen.


Output(x,y,expr) e.g. :Output(1,1,"HELLO!") This displays text starting on that square, and wraps to next line. If it is the 8th/last line, subsequent text is ignored. If it is the last command in the program, "Done" is prevented from displaying. Therefore, it is useful to end a program:

:Lbl Q:''closing commands'':'''Output(1,1,"")'''

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