Switching from Mac OS X to Windows 7/Lessons/Level two

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Similarities[edit| edit source]

You will first see that the desktop in Windows 7 is very clean, with no menu bar at the top, but a single Taskbar at the bottom. This is the most used interface construct, enabling access to the entire file system and to all running programs on the system.

What's Different[edit| edit source]

The Taskbar[edit| edit source]

Win7 taskbar.jpg

Running programs are contained in the Taskbar, indicated by a glass outline around the icon, intended to bring 'at-a-glance' indication of which programs are running. If there are multiple windows of the program running, you will see a doubled outline around the icon.

Win7 taskbar2.jpg

When you hover your mouse over an open program, you will see a color highlight over the icon. If you rest your mouse there, live thumbnails of each window will fade into view to show you which documents or browser tabs are open.