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Crazy Hand is a fictional character in the Super Smash Brothers universe. It uses attacks that generally have little to no connection with its hand shape. This is not completely true, however. Some attacks are very closely related to it (Slap), and others are somewhat related (Seizure). Crazy Hand is not usually thought of as the "main" hand, and is quite often overshadowed by Master Hand, his alter ego Crazy Hand is said to be the result of a child wanting to destroy one of his toys, while Master Hand is the result of the same child wanting to play with his toys. It is unknown whether the two of them are just the hands of a child or real beings that actually possess power. For a very brief moment in the beginning of the introduction sequence for the game, we see a Mario action figure/miniature grabbed by a hand (Without a glove and with a full arm). Whether this is one of the hands, the hand of the child playing with the toys (Meaning that Master Hand and Crazy Hand are real beings), or something completely different is unknown. When alongside Master Hand, the two of them can use combination attacks.

Crazy Hand's appearances in Super Smash Brothers Melee are as follows:

  • In single-player Classic Mode, Crazy Hand appears on Normal difficulty or higher when the player halves Master Hand's hit points in under one minute.
  • In Event 50: Final Destination Match, Crazy Hand appears alongside Master Hand with 300 hit points each. The player must take down both hands using any character to complete the event.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Slap: Crazy Hand smashes the stage with his palm from behind. This buries the target in the ground on impact.
  • Poke: Crazy Hand pokes the air, and hopefully his target, three times, with the last one inducing freeze.
  • Punch: One of the simplest attacks. Crazy Hand simply punches the ground.
  • Smack: Another very simple attack. Crazy Hand slaps the stage, but not from behind and can be damaged while charging up.
  • Sweep: Crazy Hand moves across the stage, attacking everything along the way.
  • Flick: Crazy Hand flicks the stage, much like sweep, only the flicks come in bursts, instead of being one big attack.
  • Grind: Crazy Hand drills the target into the ground. This attack is rarely fatal, but does extreme amounts of damage.
  • Rocket Grind: Crazy Hand rockets from behind the stage and attempts to obliterate the target.
  • Seizure: Crazy Hand goes insane, swinging wildly to deadly effect.
  • Rocket Punch: Much like Slap and Rocket Grind, Crazy Hand punches from behind the stage.
  • Lasers: Crazy Hand fires Lasers from his fingertips, though only the endpoints hurt.
  • Bombs: Crazy Hand drops several Bombs on the field.
  • Nightcrawler: Crazy Hand forms a Spider-like pose and walks across the arena.

There are also three combination moves that are used in conjunction with Master Hand. They are predictable because Crazy Hand's fingers will twitch violently and small purple dots will appear all around him right before any of the three attacks.

  • Double Punch: Crazy Hand and Master Hand punch together.
  • Applause: Crazy Hand and Master Hand clap together many times after releasing sleeping gas.
  • Fist: Crazy Hand punches into Master Hand's open palm.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Crazy Hand is a miniboss (Alongside Master Hand) in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. There is also a Crazy Hand Trophy in Super Smash Brothers: Melee obtainable by clearing Adventure Mode on "Hard" or "Very Hard" difficulty with no continuations.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Crazy Hand and Master Hand both have distinctly male voices (Heard when they enter and when they die, and are also the first tracks in the Master Hand section of the Sound Test), they are referred to as being genderless in their trophy descriptions, with the pronoun "it."
  • Many of Crazy Hand's moves have different effects than Master Hand's (Poke induces freeze, Grab induces poison, Slap induces burial, etc.).
  • The main difference between the Hand Bros. is that Master Hand is a "righty" while Crazy Hand is a "lefty".

Playable Crazy Hand[edit | edit source]

Just as Master Hand can be played with an Action Replay (Activate Debug Mode), Crazy Hand can also be played. Crazy Hand can only be played by Player 4 (A controller in Socket 4), just like Master Hand is restricted to Player 3. There have been many hoax cheats to unlock Crazy Hand without Debug Mode, all of them disproved.

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