Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/World 5

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World 5-1[edit | edit source]

Part A[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-1 A.png

  • Stay low. Piranha Plants drop down from the hanging pipes. Wait for them to go back up, then make low jumps.

Part B[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-1 B.png

  • Enter the first pipe in this section to take a trip to coin room D.
  • Near the end of this section, a strong wind will blow to the right here and help you fly across the long gaps. Dash Jump and get carried away.
  • After the staircase before the first huge gap, above the invisible block is a 1-up that isn't shown in the image above.

Part C[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-1 C.png

  • Stomp the Koopa Paratroopa and kick it to the right for a chance of collecting a 1-Up. But remember to jump over the Red Piranha Plants to climb out of the pipes along the way.

Part D[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-1 D.png

  • Jump the gap to the staircase at super speed. Then use the two Koopa Paratroopas to the right to reach the platforms beyond.

Part E[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-1 E.png

  • If World 6 is your destination, you can take a shortcut at the very beginning of this section. Pop up the vine and bounce off a Koopa Paratroopa for a boost to the top. First you'll be taken to Coin Heaven B, and when you're done, you'll arrive at the World 6 Warp Zone.
  • Otherwise, you must find a way to scale the massive wall blocking your progress to the end of the level. Two well placed jumps will reveal hidden Coin Blocks that you can use as stepping stones.

World 5-2[edit | edit source]

Quick note about shorter platforms and sprites

When moving platforms are three circles long (as opposed to the standard four or six), keep in mind that an entire column is one sprite.

The two platforms in one column will always move in uniform. There is only one sequence that will repeat itself.

You will also notice that these platforms are restricted, compared to other platforms. While the objects in the sprite will move, the sprite itself is frozen! Therefore, it cannot go higher than the top of the ceiling - it will just cut off.

Part A[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-2 A.png

  • Watch out. If you kick the Koopa's shell to the right under the set of "?" blocks and drop down to the floor, there's a good chance that the shell will bounce back and hit you.
  • It's not shown in the picture but try to avoid hitting the brick to the right of the last coin, or you may uncover a poisonous mushroom.

Part B[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-2 B.png

  • To collect a 1-Up, be sure to grab the Starman found at the beginning of this section. Then jump on top of the second pipe, and hit the brick in the high right corner. As soon as you make it appear, run to the right and grab it when it drops.
  • Jump from the first rising platform and make the vine pop up from the brick. Then ride the platform again, leap over to the vine, and climb to the Warp Zone which leads to World 8.

Part C[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-2 C.png

  • Take the exit pipe to the usual standard exit
  • However, if you jump up to the ceiling and dash past the exit pipe, you will find yourself reaching another Warp Zone which will take you to World 7.

World 5-3[edit | edit source]

Part A[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-3 A.png

  • The first leg of this world will continue to repeat, starting at the platform, until the correct exit is found.
  • You'll need to make it to the very high pipe in this section to reach a narrow Coin-filled passage, coin room E, and the rest of the stage.
  • The one advantage to passing through to the end of this section is that there is a hidden Power-Up on the tall bluff. It also resets automatically, so you could also collect a Fire Flower here.

Part B[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-3 B.png

  • Bullet Bills blast through this area at unpredictable intervals. Watch out for them and try to move out of the way in time.
  • Leap from the sliding platform in the wide open space and target the flying Koopa. You'll bounce off of its back and land on solid ground.

Part C[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-3 C.png

  • Stay light on your feet until you make it past all of the platforms in this area. Take a breather on the tree top before continuing on to the end.

World 5-4[edit | edit source]

Faster fire-bars!

All of the standard length fire-bars that rotate clockwise move at double speed, so be careful!

Part A[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-4 A.png

  • The Lost Levels are notorious for their challenging passage. This is where they really start to earn their reputation.
  • The 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 12th firebars rotate clockwise twice as fast.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., with the first fire-bar there is low clearance on both sides which might make it difficult if you are fire Mario or big Mario.
  • In order to safely collect the Power-Up, run to the right to make the Fire-Bar scroll off the screen. Then move back to the left to claim the Power-Up.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., there is a podoboo in the lava pit between the first two fire-bars.
  • Avoid the falling platforms at the end of this section by jumping up to the top and running to the right.

Part B[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-4 B.png

  • There are Fire-Bars a-plenty and the threat of podoboos in this area. You'll have to be a well practiced Lost Level adventurer to make it unscathed.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., each platform above the first pit of podoboos is only one tile wide.
  • There is no place to rest. Jump onto the platform at the end of this section when the Fire-Bar moves to the right, then jump off and move on.

Part C[edit | edit source]

File:SMB2j World5-4 C.png

  • Go low if your plumber is pint-sized here and take the high road if he is big. Either way, this section is quite difficult to negotiate.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., the first lava pit in this section has a podoboo.