Structural Biochemistry/Intraarterial

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Intraarterial means that action is happening inside an artery or to its structure.

Inhalation Advantages

An advantage about using intraarterial inhalation is that it is a method of inhalation that more effectively controls the dose of the injection. The patient is able to control how much of the drug that they will receive, since they will be able to titrate it.

Inhalation Disadvatage

A disadvantage about using intraarterial inhalation is that this action takes longer. This route is slower because the lungs has to take it in. From the lungs, it has to travel to the systemic circulation.

Injection Advantages

The advantages about using intraarterial injection is that it is pretty fast, it takes about fifteen to thirty seconds for intravenous and three to five minutes for intramuscular as well as subcutaneous. Another advantage is that the bioavailability of this is 100%. A third advantage is a single injection can last for days or months. This method is suitable for drugs that cannot be absorbed through the digestive system. This is also suitable if the drug is too irritating. One more advantage is that continuous medication can be delivered.

Injection Disadvantages

The disadvantages about using intraarterial injection is that there is a higher risk to addiction and overdosing if abusive drugs are injected. This is due to the quickness of the drug. Another disadvantage is that self-administration cannot typically be done by patients. Belonephobia is another disadvantage, which is fearing needles and injection itself. Sharing of needles can leave to infectious diseases such as HIV. This type of administration is one of the most dangerous. Most of our body's natural defenses is bypassed by intraarterial injection. This exposes the patient to health problems. These include infections, abscesses, hepatitis, and contaminants or undissolved particles. Air bubbles may occur if this is not done correctly.