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Star Wolf is a fictional team of mercenaries in the Star Fox series of video games. They are led by Wolf O'Donnell and are considered the chief rivals of the Star Fox team. The Wolfen is the team's primary spacecraft, which is very similar in both appearance and capabilities to Star Fox's Arwing.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Wolf O'Donnell — The leader of Star Wolf, and Fox McCloud's chief rival. Sometimes called "Lord O'Donnell".
  • Leon Powalski — The only member of Star Wolf other than Wolf himself to remain from the original team, as of Star Fox Command. He generally targets Falco Lombardi.
  • Pigma Dengar — An extraordinarily greedy pig, who is kicked off the team between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault. He was originally a member of the Star Fox team, but betrayed Peppy Hare and James McCloud, handing them over to Andross. In Star Fox 64, he attempts to shoot down Peppy since they once worked together.
  • Andrew Oikonny — Andross' nephew. He leaves Star Wolf after the events of Star Fox 64 to avenge his uncle's death and continue his legacy. His primary target in Star Fox 64 is Slippy Toad.
  • Panther (Caroso in Assault, Caruso in Command, Caluroso in Japanese versions of both games) — A ladies man who joins Star Wolf before the beginning of Star Fox: Assault. In Assault, he attempts to flirt with Krystal several times.

Star Fox 2[edit | edit source]

In Star Fox 2, Star Wolf is employed by Andross to stop Star Fox. The Star Wolf team in this game consists of Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and a monkey named Algy (Who might be a concept version of Andrew Oikonny and yet looks like Dash Bowman, Andrew's second cousin). The player encounters different members of Star Wolf in one-on-one all-range battles depending on the difficulty level selected in the game. Regardless of difficulty, however, the player must fight Wolf as the final battle before going on to face Andross. Wolf is the only one to escape with his ship intact, swearing that he'll be back one day.

Star Fox 64[edit | edit source]

In the opening of Star Fox 64, it is revealed that Pigma Dengar was once a member of the Star Fox team, then consisting of himself, James McCloud, and Peppy Hare. At one point, Pigma betrayed the team and handed James and Peppy over to Andross. Peppy was able to escape, but James is supposedly killed. Pigma flies for Star Wolf in this game.

Hired by Andross to destroy the Star Fox team, Star Wolf always attacks the player in at least one mission. The team is one of the game's more difficult sets of enemies. The team attacks on Fichina (mistakenly labeled as Fortuna in the American and in the European versions), where they can be easily defeated by performing a loop whenever a team member is directly behind the player. Later, at Bolse Station, if any Star Wolf members are left undefeated at Fichina (or the player bypasses Fichina altogether), the remaining team members attack again here. Finally, if the player reaches Venom via the difficult path, Star Wolf returns in upgraded ships (each member piloting a Wolfen II) for a much more difficult battle. They will attack regardless of whether or not the player fought and defeated them at Fichina. All the members will attempt to barrel roll enemy fire, however they barrel roll a lot more often on the Venom battle. Charge shots and bombs no longer damage them, and it's very hard to even hit them charge shot anyways. They now use double lasers, so their shots do more damage. It's interesting to note that during the dogfight between Star Fox and Star Wolf on Venom, the majority of the Star Wolf team sports mechanical facial devices of some kind, while Wolf has a bandage across the top of his snout and over the right side of his forehead. Whether this is to indicate injuries the team has suffered at some point in the past or simply as necessary equipment for their new Wolfen II fighters is unknown, although it may be because the team possibly had their ships destroyed in Fortuna by Star Fox, thus hurting them.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O'Donnell
  • Leon Powalski
  • Pigma Dengar
  • Andrew Oikonny

Star Fox: Assault[edit | edit source]

After Andross's defeat in Star Fox Adventures, Star Wolf uses an abandoned space station in the Sargasso Space Zone as a hideout. Pigma is kicked off the team for his excessive greed, and Andrew has also left the team to prepare his own rebellion against the Cornerian army. A new member, Panther, is recruited to the team to bring the total membership to three members by the time Star Fox: Assault begins.

In one of the missions in Assault, Star Fox takes over the hideout while searching for Pigma. Star Wolf shows up to engage Fox, Falco and Krystal (Slippy is inside the station and is uninvolved in the battle). Later, on Corneria, Fox finds himself surrounded by Aparoids, but the Star Wolf team comes to his aid, with Wolf personally taking responsibility for saving his rival. ("If anyone's gonna tan your hide, it's gonna be me", says Wolf in this scene.) He also gives Fox some advice: "Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act." Star Wolf helps Star Fox again during the missile attack to the Orbital Gate, and one last time in the Aparoid homeworld, fighting alongside their rivals and then "sacrificing" themselves to ensure Star Fox can reach the Aparoid Queen.

In this game, Wolf wears a futuristic eye patch rather than the one he wore in Star Fox 64 and his cameo in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Subsequently, this is his appearance in Star Fox Command.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O' Donnell
  • Leon Powalski
  • Panther Caroso

Star Fox Command[edit | edit source]

Star Wolf appears once more in Star Fox Command, though when, how and why they appear depends on which path the player chooses. On the default path through the game, Star Wolf once again attacks the player as in Star Fox 64, but after being defeated, the relationship between the two teams turns more or less positive. In other paths, the Star Wolf team members even become playable and work cooperatively with Star Fox to fight the Anglar Empire.

In a significant plot development, most paths through the game show Krystal having joined the Star Wolf team. In addition, her relationship with Panther varies depending on the chosen path (with the default ending to the game showing her leaving Fox to be with Panther instead). The main plot of the team, however, is to clear their names by defeating the Anglar.

Also, as ROB 64 and the Great Fox always remain with the player, if the player chooses to follow any Star Wolf-exclusive storyline (without Fox or any other "hero" characters to supervise), ROB joins the Star Wolf Team. He fulfills the same role he did while working with Star Fox and its members, however Wolf and his companions often treat ROB as an annoyance or an unwanted accessory.

In Command, each Star Wolf member flies a different ship, each with its own control panel and unique abilities.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O' Donnell (Ship: Wolfen)
  • Leon Powalski (Ship: Rainbow Delta)
  • Panther Caruso (Ship: Black Rose)
  • Krystal (Ships: Cloud Runner / Cornerian Fighter)
  • ROB 64 (Ship: Great Fox)

Star Fox Zero[edit | edit source]

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