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Venom is the fictional planet that represents evil in many games of the Starfox series. It serves as the Homeworld of the villainous Andross in Star Fox and Star Fox 64, and as his base of operations. In both games it is the setting for the final level. In StarFox Command, it is the base of operations for the Anglar Emperor.

History[edit | edit source]

In both the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Venom is the final level in which the player must confront Andross. In the original game, there are three possible routes to Venom in which the player must fight through waves of fighters, missiles, and other orbital defenses before fighting a boss and descending down to the surface. In Star Fox 64, the world is guarded by the massive Bolse defense satellite as well as a fleet of capital ships at Area 6. The player is given the choice as to which route to take in order to reach Andross.

Video games[edit | edit source]

In Star Fox 2 Venom appears as a standard "Enemy Base" Level, having the appearance of a lush, green forest.

In Starfox 64, they are two separate ways to Venom; an easier version, and a harder version. In the easier version the player will battle through Venom’s defences before finally facing Andross himself. In the end, Andross turns out to be a decoy, as andross' face burns away to reveal a robotic head. In the harder version, Starfox will have a final showdown with the rival Starwolf team before facing Andross; an Andross which differs from the easier version; once defeating him the player will have to defeat Andross in his “true form”- a grotesque looking brain.

In Star Fox Command, Venom is home to the evil Anglars and the Anglar Emperor. The Anglars make there base at the bottom of the acidic Venom Sea that instantly corrodes and soon destroys any non-Anglar vessel that enters it. The Anglars then begin their invasion of the Lylat System. In most endings of Star Fox Command the Star Fox team use Andross' secret device to purify the Venom Sea, allowing them to enter and destroy the Anglars base and the Anglar Emperor.

Venom is also a stage in the Nintendo Gamecube game Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the entire battle takes place on the wings of the Great Fox as it flies above Venom's surface. Sometimes, Arwings and Wolfens will fly in and start shooting at the players.

Venomian Army[edit | edit source]

The Venomian Army refers to the force that Andross commands against the forces of Corneria and the Lylat System.

In Star Fox 64, Andross's army was largely composed of apes and lizards.

The army, at least, the remnants of the former Venomian Army, was not featured in Star Fox Adventures. Although the SharpClaw Army did supposedly receive foreign military aid from them in the form of spaceships, fighter crafts and equipment.

In Star Fox: Assault, even after the defeat of Andross, the Venomian Army still had the numbers to be considered a significant threat and were recruited under the command of Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny, as the Oikonny Rebels. Unfortunately, the Oikonny Rebels lost their leader at the battle over Fortuna and had to take a back seat to the new menance of the Star Fox universe, The Aparoid Swarm. In the aftermath of the War against the Aparoids, the Fortuna Status Report details that the Oikonny Rebels were completely wiped out along with the Invading Aparoid Forces. Oikonny, however, managed to survive, which is later revealed in Star Fox: Command.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

In the original Star Fox, the Venomian Army has at its disposal a large space fleet which blocks the route to Venom. In Star Fox 64 the fleet seems to have increased in size as both Sector Y and Venom itself are defended by massive armadas.