Star Fox Adventures/Walkthrough/Rescuing Tricky

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Ice Mountain

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You will be transported to a cavern. Head out of it and you will notice two blue SharpClaws. A ship will hover over the them and Prince Tricky will be deported to the surface. The SharpClaws bully him for a moment and then take him into a cavern on the right, which slams shut once they enter.

Head forward a little bit until you see a small passage on the left. It leads to a platform that is host to a new kind of fuel barrel. (It has a red dot on it.) Grab the barrel and head to the group of boxes on the right a few ways up. (If you do not get rid of the barrel soon enough, it will explode.) There are two SharpClaws for you two battle. Defeat them and a red square will appear over the cave where Tricky is. Shoot it with the fire blaster. The square will turn green, and you will be free to enter.

You will see the SharpClaws attacking Tricky. Fox stops them and introduces himself. Tricky escapes during this time and the SharpClaws push Fox aside, board their riders and chase after him. Fox boards one of their spare riders and chases after them.

The Chase

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  • A button: Accelerate
  • B button: Brake

There are some things you can do to help you pass the two SharpClaws. You can ram them in the back to destroy them. (It will take a few hits.) Be careful to avoid the bombs they leave behind. They will slow you down. Also, look for shortcuts throughout the race. You can speed over hills or travel on alternate paths to further your chances of passing the SharpClaws. Note: If you're too slow you have to start the chase again.


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When Fox reaches the end of the path, he slips on the ice and lands in a hot spring below. Tricky will say something to Fox but it will be in the dinosaur language and Fox won't understand. Fox then applies his translator and he is able to communicate with Tricky. He informs him that his father has been captured and that his mother sent him to rescue him.

Head straight and follow the path until you reach the pit of lava. There is now way to cross, so take the trail to the left. Tricky will spot two Blue GrubTub Fungi, an EarthWalker's favorite treat. Stun them with your staff and obtain them. Now, stand next to Tricky and use the C-Stick to feed him. (When a red mushroom is over Tricky's head, he is hungry. Pay attention to his energy monitor.)

Tricky feels strong enough to work now. He tells you about his Find Secret command. When a question mark is displayed over his head, there is a secret nearby. When there is a crack in the ground, Tricky can dig in that spot. Notice a crack in the ground near the fire. Have Tricky dig it up. It is a switch. Now, position Tricky so that he is sitting on the switch. Open the C-Inventory. Look for a hand - that is his Stay command. There is a switch in the cave that the gate was blocking. Use your staff to activate it. A platform will rise out of the lava, providing a method of getting across.

Cross the lava pit. (Don't worry, Tricky will find a way of getting across.) Keep along the path (get the Blue GrubTub) and you will see a crack in the wall at the end. Another function of Tricky's Find Secret command is digging through walls like these (with cracks in them.) Once through the wall, keep along the path and you will enter SnowHorn Wastes.

SnowHorn Wastes

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Upon entering SnowHorn Wastes, you will be ambushed by two SharpClaws. Tricky, out of confusion, will run off. Take care of these monsters and continue on the path to reach the frozen lake.

The Frozen Lake

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Upon entering this area, look for a group of three SharpClaws chasing Tricky. Defeat them and rescue Tricky once again. Tricky will then introduce you to his Heel command. Use it when you want Tricky to come to you. (In the C-Inventory, it is the whistle.)

Notice the mammoth-like creature in this northwest part of the area. It is a SnowHorn, a member of one of the many tribes on the planet. It is too hungry to talk to you, so you will need to find some food for it. In this area, search for cracks in the ground (that Tricky can dig up) with leaves sticking out of the them. They contain Alpine Roots, a tasty source of food for the SnowHorns. (They can't dig them out themselves.) Once you obtain them, go to the SnowHorn and use the C-Stick to feed him. When he eats the first root, he will give you a Small Scarab Bag. It can hold 50 scarabs. Feed him the second root, and he will silence a nearby geyser, giving you access to an ice block.

If you have the rumble on, open a portal to get the energy upgrade. Do it now so you won't forget later.

You will need to use the ice block to get out of this area. The game will explain how ot use it. Push it north so you can get on it, grab the ledge, and continue with traveling through SnowHorn Wastes.

Getting Back to ThornTail Hollow

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You will soon come across the more populated area of SnowHorn Wastes. Make your way to the lower part of this area and look for a dinosaur in armor standing in front of a passage. He will demand 25 scarabs for you to pass. Pay him and simply follow the passage. (It's basically one-way. Look out for fire bats.) When you come to the water, take the turn on the left, swim through the water, and follow the passage from there to reach ThornTail Hollow. To open the gate, use your staff to activate a switch on the right.