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This is the only time you can play as Krystal in this first part of the game. It's a tutorial on how the controls work. Talk to triceratops for more details.

The Flying Ship

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The game begins with a blue, anthropomorphic fox named Krystal coming to Dinosaur Planet, a desolate world on the edge of the Lylat System, in response to a distress call. With the assistance of a CloudRunner (a flying dinosaur) she rides through the skies on a stormy night. After conversing with the CloudRunner, a fire ball from a nearby flying ship knocks her staff to the planet below. (At this point, all audible conversations will be presented in the planet's native tongue but subtitle translations will be available.)

Fighting the Ship

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  • Press the A button to fire and use the Control Stick to move.

You will notice two monstrous statues shooting fireballs at you. Attack them until they catch fire. Your position will then be lowered so that you may destroy the ship's rudder - the sharp, spinning object near the bottom of the ship. Destroy all four ends and you will be brought up to fight the statues once more. Simply do what you did last time. The ship will then turn around. Destroy the large head at the front while avoiding a massive fireball it will shoot at you.

Exploring the Ship

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Krystal will dismount the CloudRunner while in the galleon of the ship and the CloudRunner will leave. A small tutorial will appear and then you will be instructed to listen to and find the source of a nearby voice. It is a caged bird at the opposite end of the ship. After talking with the bird using the A button, the entrance to the ship's interior will be open. A key from the Krazoa Palace is inside. Retrieve it.

General Scales

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Return to the caged bird. A tall, green dinosaur will emerge and introduce himself as the dictator of this world. Krystal explain her reason for being here (the distress call), but Scales argues that the planet is always in distress. Scales reveals that he rules the planet with fear to prevent an uprising. He then grabs Krystal by the throat and throws her overboard. Thankfully, she is caught by the CloudRunner and they leave to find the source of the distress signal.

Krazoa Palace

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Krystal believes that the Krazoa Palace is the area where the distress signal is coming from. The CloudRunner reveals that this is the dinosaurs' most sacred place. He then leaves. (At this point, you are finally able to save.)

Outside the Palace

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Avoiding the airborne jellyfish, head to the gate on the right. (It is behind the pillars.) Stand in front of the lock, and a "C" in a yellow circle should be displayed over it. Move the C-Stick in any direction and the inventory will automatically go to the correct slot. (In this case, it is the red one.) Press the A button to use the key. Grab the fuel barrel inside and head to the blockade of crates (It is near the right of where you first set foot on the palace.) Press the A button to throw the fuel barrel onto the small group of crates to destroy them.

When the barrel is gone, another one will be emerge from a gray circle on the ground (It is in front of where you entered the palace from.) That circle is a Fuel Barrel Generator that was left there by Scales and used to power his SharpClaw army. You will come across many of these on your adventure. You may want to use this endless supply of barrels to destroy the jellyfish wandering around or to break some crates for extra health if you need it. (The jellyfish will come back to life after a short time, so be careful.) Go down to the lower level of the palace and head towards the wall. You should see a crack in it. Grab a fuel barrel and throw it at the crack. You are now free to enter the palace.

Before entering the palace, head to the right edge of the palace (It is around the area where the wall crack you just destroyed was.) Look carefully, and you will notice the tip of a ladder. Climb down the later and cross the gaps to the other side. At the end, you should find a Bafomdad. It is a magical creature that will restore you to perfect health if you die. (It looks like a red, hopping bunny.)

Inside the Palace

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Head down the hall, to the left, and enter the first room on the right. (A dinosaur is lying there.) Pick up the fuel barrel behind him. You may use it to destroy the blockade of crates next to the dinosaur or the nearby jellyfish. (You can use nearby containers to destroy those monsters as well.) Once the barrel is gone, leave the room where the dinosaur lays and head right. At the end of the hall, you will find a second fuel barrel generator.

Once the group of crates next to that dinosaur is gone, grab another fuel barrel and return to that spot. You will need to dodge flamethrowers to reach the end of this hall. Simply wait until the flamethrower stops spitting fire and then keep going. Don't take too long to cross though, as the fire will not be gone for long. Once you reach the end of that hall, throw the barrel at the cracked wall to destroy it. In the next room grab the fuel barrel and step on the switch to the right to open the door. Set the barrel on the switch by pressing the A button. (The door will close if you get off of the switch and the barrel is not on it.)

Talk to the dinosaur in the next room. He reveals that the dinosaurs in the palace were sent by King EarthWalker to stop General Scales and his SharpClaw army. Scales aimed to capture the source of the planet's life, the Krazoa Spirits. Thankfully, the dinosaurs were able to hide them throughout the planet. This dinosaur was the one who sent the distress signal. He asks you to enter the nearby Krazoa Shrine and take the test to retrieve the Krazoa Spirit. When he is finished talking, head over to the yellow, sparkling warp pad. The game will tell you how to enter.

Krazoa Shrine

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Enter the room straight ahead and climb the ladder on the right to reach the upper floor. Be careful of flames shooting from the floor. Avoiding the jellyfish, make your way to the fuel barrel and use it to destroy the monster. The gate will now be open. (You cannot pass through a gate with a red barrier. If you come across one, you must destroy the enemies in that area to proceed.) Grab another barrel and head to the next room. Step on the switch to open the gate and place the barrel on the switch to keep it open. Dodge the flamethrowers and enter the final room. The bright, hovering object in the middle is the Krazoa Spirit. Talk to it with the A button.

The Test of Observation

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The spirit will explain the test. The spirit will hide in one of six urns. The spirit will hover over the urn it is in at the start of the trial and then the urns will move around the room for a short time. When they stop moving, you will need to tell which urn the spirit is hiding in. Do this three times to obtain the spirit. Upon successfully completing the test the spirit will launch itself into Krystal's body and will remain in her until you return the spirit to the Krazoa Palace.

Returning to the Palace

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The dinosaur will speak to you again upon your re-entering the palace. Once it is finished, notice an orange platform behind him. Ride it, and head down the hall. Make a right when the hall divides. Position yourself in front of the shinning platform and press the A button to release the spirit.

The spirit will leave Krystal's body, enter the head on the wall, and be shot into the main palace by a ray of light. Krystal regains her senses but is then caught in the light ray. She is then trapped in a crystal and placed at the top of the palace.