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IMG Academies was established by tennis coach Nick Bollettieri in 1978. His vision of the ideal training center for the serious tennis player evolved to form the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. From the start, using Bollettieri’s unique teaching methods and commitment to developing the total athlete, on and off the court, the Academy produced numerous champions.

For the young or just young at heart, novice or professional, weekend warrior or passionate year-round player, individual or full team, the opportunity to improve your game exists at IMG Academies1. The academy provides for, in the words of the famous leader, Nelson Mandela:

“Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire and the power to unite people in a way little else can – it is an instrument of peace.”                                                                                  – Nelson Mandela

IMG Academies is committed to providing an inspiring, dynamic and multi-cultured environment where our students of all ages and ability levels have the greatest opportunity to attain their goals, learn life lessons, reach their full potential, and most importantly, enjoy themselves while chasing their dreams. They help develop young student-athletes so that they are confident and prepared for the challenges that sport and life may bring their way. Their students are equipped to handle success and adversity, as well as learning the skills to be leaders and positive role models. To accomplish this, it takes a team of well-qualified individuals in multiple areas and disciplines all working together with the best interests of the students as their primary focus. It is this concerted effort to in still quality attributes and lead student-athletes down the right path that differentiates IMG Academies from all of our competition across the world1. A video of a 'day in the life' at one of these Academies can be found here:

For more than 30 years now, the Academy's training methods have helped youth; adult, collegiate and professional athletes improve in sport and life. IMG Academies is a world-class training facility for athletic, academic and personal development. The IMG Academies consist of the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy, IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy, IMG Football Academy, IMG Baseball Academy, IMG Basketball Academy, IMG Lacrosse Academy, IMG Soccer Academy, and the IMG Performance Institute, the Bradenton, Florida - based Academy attracts more than 12,000 athletes from approximately 80 countries every year located on a 350-acre (1.4 km2) acres, campus [1]. The following are features of the world-class training facility[1].

IMG Performance Institute

10,000-square-foot weight room with advanced performance equipment Outdoor turf and rubber surfaces for various physical activities Vision training area Athletic regeneration area State-of-the-art body composition machine Mental conditioning areas IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy

35 Outdoor US Open Grade Hard Courts equipped with video cameras for pre and post match analysis. Many of these courts are lighted as well. 4 Indoor US Open Grade Hard Courts 16 Green Clay Courts and 1 Red Clay Court Nick’s War Room provides, an inspiring classroom-style setting to learn match strategy – a key component for successful tennis – and break down the finer points of your game via the sport’s most advance video analysis system

IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy

7,000-plus yard, championship-level golf course Large practice area, driving range State-of-the-art, solar-powered golf building IMG Madden Football Academy

Two football-only fields Turf field for position work Throwing net for quarterbacks IMG Soccer Academy

12 full-size fields and one goalie practice field IMG Baseball Academy

Three full-size and perfectly maintained fields include multiple adjacent batting cages and four practice fields New indoor batting facility includes multiple stations and a pitching simulator IMG Basketball Academy

Two full-size indoor courts Multiple side hoops IMG Lacrosse Academy

2 full-size fields, strength/conditioning facilities The IMG Performance Institute is unparalleled in its list of clients and their successes involving innovations in sport. However, IMG is not content with past successes, but continually are in production of developing empirical data and support to continually evaluate, assess and advance the quality of our training to guarantee future successes. Their belief to continue to remain at the top of the performance industry and stay on the cutting edge to produce athletic champions, it is critical to evaluate their own best practices and create partnerships with others who share their vision to improve their delivery and innovation. Therefore, they have created alliances with several top academic and research institutions in the world of applied sports performance [1].

As IMG continues to grow, diversify and rise to new challenges, their clients can rest assured they will continue to benefit from the innovative client management and dedication of resources that have made IMG the most successful organisation of its type in the world.

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