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GPSports Property Limited[edit | edit source]

GPSports is a sport technology development company, founded in 2001 in Canberra, Australia. The company has been growing over the years with the aim of developing a suite of technologies to allow elite sport programs to objectively evaluate the performances of their players in both training and competitive setting. They became the first worldwide organisation to develop such technologies and since then have been the innovative leader in this space around the globe. Today, the company is the leading provider of GPS-based tracking systems for professional team sports around the world – football included.[1]

In late 2002, GPSports launched its first product, the SPI 10 – which became the world’s first GPS/Heart rate combined product. GPSports Systems Pty Ltd had worked with limited resources over the first three years, but managed to develop a production ready product. The SPI 10 enabled GPSports to win the Australian International Design Award 2004.[2] The SPI 10 was aimed at the Olympic athlete market but was taken up by several Australian Football League clubs resulting in GPSports focusing on the team sports market for the next nine years.[3]

Being the world leader in Athlete Performance Enhancement technologies, GPSports has grown a strong customer base over the years by attracting top football clubs from the English Premier league with Manchester United FC and Arsenal Football Club as their newest clients and the Spanish league. GPSports clients Manchester United FC ‘s 2011 Premier League win and Barcelona FC’s 2011 UEFA Champion League success highlights that GPSports has the best of the best clients around the globe because of its superior innovative technology. During these nine years, GPSports remained in close collaboration with its elite clients in order to develop and optimise a range of powerful performance enhancement products which can be categorised as hardware and software products:[4]

Hardware[edit | edit source]

  • The SPI Pro X Real time system which transmits athlete work and performance information live to a laptop up to 200m from the field of play
  • The SPI Pro X system which can capture and download athlete work and performance information to a laptop for detailed post event analysis

Software[edit | edit source]

  • SPI Ezy is GPSports’ latest software release allowing coaches and conditioning staff alike the ability to quickly access the key performance variable immediately post session
  • SPI Realtime – A quantum step in performance analysis and management is the ability to make decisions on player/squad performance in a real time monitoring environment
  • Team AMS which forms the basis of the downloading, renaming and report generating functions within products offered by GPSports
  • The SPI Touch allows each coaching staff member to have real time access to key performance variables without having to be in front of a main laptop on the sideline

GPS mission for the future is to educate every professional sporting team in the world of the benefits to be had in the real time tracking and analysis of their entire squad in both a training and competitive environment.[5]

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