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Manchester United was first introduced to GPSports technology in early 2010. During the year 2010, Manchester United FC had the lowest injury rates in the English Premier league.[1] According to the coaching staff, the technology was an exciting addition to their already impressive training programming and facilities. As a result, after months of testing and optimisation, Manchester United FC decided in late 2010 to fully integrate GPSports technology as part of their training and rehab strategy for the 2010-2011 EPL season[2] - Manchester United raised the 2011 Premier League trophy.

We use GPSports tracking devices as part of our training and rehab strategy, this type of athlete monitoring ensures that the correct training stimulus can be achieved. Information is gathered and reported to players and coaches so that decision can be made on individual player conditioning needs and future training sessions. The quality and accuracy of the data gives us confidence in the decisions we make.” – Robin Thorpe, Sports Science Research, Manchester Uniter Football Club, UK

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