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Introduction to GPS Tracking[edit | edit source]

Advances in technologies available for on-field sports performance have increased immensely in recent years. The use of motion analysis technology allows for individual monitoring and gives useful feedback for coaches and fitness staff. GPS(Global Positioning System) technologies are amongst those offering good precision in performance analysis through position and velocity of motion.[1]

In our discussion of GPS in sports, we are going to focus on the use of GPS tracking related to the FIFA World Cup 2014. The GPS tracking is a powerful and innovative tool already used by a lot of members of the football community around the world. In Football, GPS tracking can be used to monitor players, but also to monitor both players and the ball in conjunction – generally to determine more accurately an offside position which has been the subject to much controversy. Two market leaders supplying the technology, GPSports and Catapult Sports will be discussed in terms of their products, clients, and future missions. We are also going to talk about possible future trends and recommendations.

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References[edit | edit source]