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The Active Facebook wall is used for a varied range of communication; Active posting news about diet, event, training programs, individual members asking questions about Active services they have bought or questions concerning equipment. Seemingly the wall is an overall platform for contact, questions and a place for sharing experiences. Active "likes" a range of major sport event corporations, for example Ironman, as well as different medias such as news corporations, lifestyle magazines, tour and event organizers, sport nutrition companies, sport leagues and other Active groups.

This seems to be yet another Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Active, in that they promote some of their training programs by linking to a page offering a range of training programs. Furthermore a payment membership is offered, giving subscribers discounted prizes on the networks prizes. Link to another SaaS portal - the shopping community Schwaggle (facebook link) is provided.

Other links/ features provided:

  • Active YouTube channel
  • Careers - internal Active (global) job portal
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Training videos explaining exercises
  • Feedback platform (Q/A, ideas, appreciations)
  • etc.

Active Network in Action - Event management SaaS