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Active Network Australia offer sports management software that is "easy for administrators, coaches, players and parents" [1]. For over 10 years, Active Network has provided sports management software and online sports registration tools to coaches and administrators.

The easy-to-use programs along with information consolidated in one place which is accessible 24/7 make it a very attractive software solutions package for sports clubs and organisations. Furthermore, sports clubs are able to download data and create reports as well as print out contact lists for parents and submit statistics to headquarters., the international webpage of Active Network, has millions of visitors each month searching and signing up for activities, competitions, tournaments, leagues, clubs within their communities. If a sports club or organisation utilise Active Network Australia, its logo and name will feature on This potentially can grow participation in a club exponentially as parents and players notice them on the international website.

The main features of Active Network Australia include:

  • Online Registration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Free Event Listing on

Sport administrators and clubs can carry out a free trial of the Active Network software solutions by creating an account on the website. This is a valuable tool allowing people to 'try before they buy'.

The sports management solutions offered by Active Network Australia are:

The summary table provides an overview of all of the sports management software solutions offered by Active Network Australia.

Many sporting organisations and sporting events are successfully applying the Active Network sport management solutions. They include Tennis Australia, Triathlon Australia, Ironman as well as charity runs and walks such as 'Walk the Walk', 'Girls on the Run' and 'Race for the Cure'.

A feasibility analysis of Active Network is also provided.

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