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Active Network serves a wide range of industries at a global level. Such industries are categorized into sports, communities, outdoors and business events [1].

Endurance Events[edit | edit source]

In endurance events, the sports event management software is utilized to avoid time-consuming tasks and to increase the number of online registrations, helping race directors make their running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon/multi-sport races more profitable.

Charities[edit | edit source]

Charities are mainly composed of online donation and fundraising planning tools for all events and causes. The available software solutions involve website design and hosting, volunteer management, training plans, event registration, marketing services and event fundraising programs.

Marinas[edit | edit source]

Marinas operations are organized and managed through a fully integrated software suite that can maximize resources and save time when handling online dock reservations, merchandise sales and order tracking, as well as watercraft rental and scheduling. Some of the benefits also include call center services and financial reports on all revenue.

Corporate Wellness[edit | edit source]

Corporate Wellness uses Active 365 as a tool to make the workplace an active health and fitness program for employees and their families. This robust technology platform offers wellness goal-setting and tracking, local events and activities involvement, as well as training plans follow-up. Groups and teams can be formed to engage in a system of challenges, points and badges to foster participation, reward success and encourage healthy competition amongst co-workers.

References[edit | edit source]

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