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The Australian Open, considered the Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific is held every year during the month of January in Melbourne, Victoria. Played on hard court at Melbourne Park, there are two main courts used by the top seeded players, the Rod Laver Arena and the Hisense Arena [10].

Being the most prestigious event organized by Tennis Australia and offering an estimated $25,000,000 AUD in prize money, the Australian Open is a very attractive and entertaining event tournament for the best players and for all participants involved locally and globally [10]. Representing a challenging task to manage and execute all duties at an optimal performance, the incorporation of Active Network solutions currently improves the event organization.

By implementing main features from the Tennis Tournament Software the Australian Open is able to manage and exhibit the following:

  • Scores of matches in progress and completed matches [2]
  • Country scoreboard [2]
  • Event and challenge statistics [2]
  • Scoreboard widget [2]
  • Singles, doubles, mixed doubles, juniors, qualifiers and wheelchair draws [4]
  • Tournament schedule and schedule of play [3]
  • Players by name, by country and seeds [5]
  • Results archive [5]
  • E-newsletter subscription [1]
  • AO daily updates subscription [1]
  • AO trivia [6]
  • Online Poll [6]
  • Individual and family memberships [7]
  • MLC Kids Tennis Day registration [1]
  • Facebook and Twitter integrations
  • Fan centre social leaderboard [6]
  • Popcorn Tennis [6]

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