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This is the index of dialogue lines of the SpanishPod newbie lessons. The Spanish lines and English lines can be hidden by clicking (hide all) in the first row of the table. This is useful to practice listening and translating.

Spanish line (hide all) English line (hide all) lesson id lesson title audio
¿Ya estás lista? Are you ready yet? A0001 (1) Are you ready yet? (1)
¡Espera un momento! Wait a moment! A0001 (2) Are you ready yet? (2)
Tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo. Relax! We still have time. A0001 (3) Are you ready yet? (3)
Menos mal. Good. A0001 (4) Are you ready yet? (4)
¡Hola! ¿Vas a la fiesta? Hello! Are you going to the party? A0002 (1) Birthday party (1)
¿Cuál fiesta? What party? A0002 (2) Birthday party (2)
La fiesta de cumpleaños de Javier. Javier's birthday party. A0002 (3) Birthday party (3)
Sí voy a ir. ¿Vamos juntos? Sure I'm going to go. Shall we go together? A0002 (4) Birthday party (4)
Buenas tardes. ¿Qué le sirvo? Good afternoon. What can I serve you? A0003 (1) At the bar (1)
Quiero una cerveza. I'd like a beer. A0003 (2) At the bar (2)
¿Clara u obscura? Regular or dark? A0003 (3) At the bar (3)
Obscura por favor. Dark, please. A0003 (4) At the bar (4)
¿Cómo se llama tu amiga mexicana? How does your Mexican friend call herself? A0004 (1) She's not Mexican (1)
Se llama Tatiana. Pero no es mexicana. Es guatemalteca. She calls herself Tatiana. But she is not Mexcian. She is Guatemalan. A0004 (2) She's not Mexican (2)
¿De verdad? ¿De qué parte de Guatemala? Really? From what part of Guatemala? A0004 (3) She's not Mexican (3)
De Antigua. From Antigua. A0004 (4) She's not Mexican (4)
¡Señorita! Miss! A0005 (1) Take a picture (1)
¿Sí? Yes? A0005 (2) Take a picture (2)
¡Disculpe! ¿Nos podría tomar una foto por favor? Excuse me, could you please take a picture for us? A0005 (3) Take a picture (3)
¿Cómo no? ¡Sonrían! Of course. Smile! A0005 (4) Take a picture (4)
Gracias. Thanks. A0005 (5) Take a picture (5)
¡Hola, guapa! ¿Cómo te va? Hello, beautiful! How is it going for you? A0006 (1) How's it going? (1)
Bien, bien. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué tal? Good, good. And you, how are you? A0006 (2) How's it going? (2)
Todo bien, gracias. Everything's fine, thanks. A0006 (3) How's it going? (3)
Me alegra. That makes me happy. A0006 (4) How's it going? (4)
¿De dónde eres? Where are you from? A0007 (1) Where are you from? (1)
Soy de Perú. ¿Y tú? I'm from Peru. And you? A0007 (2) Where are you from? (2)
Yo soy de Colombia. I'm from Colombia. A0007 (3) Where are you from? (3)
¡Qué bien! How nice! A0007 (4) Where are you from? (4)
¡Oye! ¿Cómo se dice internet en español? Hey! How do you say internet in Spanish? A0008 (1) How do you say ...? (1)
Se dice internet. You say internet. A0008 (2) How do you say ...? (2)
¿Igual que en inglés? The same as in English? A0008 (3) How do you say ...? (3)
Sí, igual. Yes, the same. A0008 (4) How do you say ...? (4)
Tengo hambre. I'm hungry. A0010 (1) I'm hungry (1)
Yo también. ¿Vamos a comer? Me too. Are we going to eat? A0010 (2) I'm hungry (2)
Sí, quiero ir a un restaurante italiano. Yes, I want to go to a Italian restaurant. A0010 (3) I'm hungry (3)
Buena idea. Good idea. A0010 (4) I'm hungry (4)
Nos vemos mañana, ¿no? We see each other tomorrow, right? A0011 (1) Call me (1)
¿A qué hora? At what time? A0011 (2) Call me (2)
A ver, no sé. Llámame más tarde. Let's see. I don't know. Call me later. A0011 (3) Call me (3)
Vale. Hasta mañana. OK, see you tomorrow. A0011 (4) Call me (4)
Voy a lavar la ropa. ¿Hay detergente? I'm going to wash clothes. Is there detergent? A0013 (1) Doing the laundry (1)
Sí hay, abajo en la cocina. Yes, there is, downstairs in the kitchen. A0013 (2) Doing the laundry (2)
¿Dónde? ¿En qué parte? Where? In what part? A0013 (3) Doing the laundry (3)
No sé. ¡Búscalo! I don't know. Look for it. A0013 (4) Doing the laundry (4)
Mesa para dos, si es tan amable. Table for two, if you'd be so kind. A0015 (1) Table for two (1)
¿Tiene reservación? Do you have a reservation? A0015 (2) Table for two (2)
No, no tengo. No, I don't. A0015 (3) Table for two (3)
No importa. Síganme por favor. It doesn't matter. Follow me please. A0015 (4) Table for two (4)
Hombre, ¿qué te pasa? Hey, what's happening to you? A0016 (1) I feel sick (1)
Me siento mal. I don't feel so good. A0016 (2) I feel sick (2)
¿Qué tienes? What's wrong with you? A0016 (3) I feel sick (3)
Me duele el estómago. My stomach hurts. A0016 (4) I feel sick (4)
Pobrecito. Poor little dude. A0016 (5) I feel sick (5)
Tengo una pregunta. I have a question. A0019 (1) How do you spell beige? (1)
¡Dime! Tell me! A0019 (2) How do you spell beige? (2)
¿Cómo se escribe beige? How do you write beige? A0019 (3) How do you spell beige? (3)
¿El color? Se escribe con be de burro, e, i, ge, e. The color? You write it with b as in Bob, e, i, g, e. A0019 (4) How do you spell beige? (4)
Gracias. Thanks. A0019 (5) How do you spell beige? (5)
¿Quieres salir hoy? Do you want go out today? A0021 (1) I'm sleepy (1)
No, prefiero quedarme en casa. No, I prefer to stay at home. A0021 (2) I'm sleepy (2)
¿Por qué? Why? A0021 (3) I'm sleepy (3)
Tengo sueño. I'm sleepy. A0021 (4) I'm sleepy (4)
Ni modo. Nos vemos mañana. Too bad. We see each other tomorrow. A0021 (5) I'm sleepy (5)
Buenas tardes. ¿Me da un kilo de manzana? Good afternoon. Will you give me a kilo of apples? A0023 (1) Going to the market (1)
¿Manzana verde o roja? Green apples or red ones? A0023 (2) Going to the market (2)
Verde, por favor. Green, please. A0023 (3) Going to the market (3)
¿Algo más? Anything else? A0023 (4) Going to the market (4)
No, es todo. Gracias. No, that's all. Thanks. A0023 (5) Going to the market (5)
Ahí viene el vecino. Here comes the neighbor. A0027 (1) The Neighbor (1)
¿Lo conoces? Do you know him? A0027 (2) The Neighbor (2)
No, no lo conozco. ¿Y tú? No, I don't know him. How about you? A0027 (3) The Neighbor (3)
Tampoco. Me neither. A0027 (4) The Neighbor (4)
¿Hola? Hello? A0030 (1) Call back later (1)
¿Está Mauricio? Is Mauricio in? A0030 (2) Call back later (2)
No, no está. Llámalo más tarde. No, he's not in. Call him back later. A0030 (3) Call back later (3)
Muy bien. Gracias. Fine. Thank you. A0030 (4) Call back later (4)
Mi renta es de mil dólares. My rent is at a thousand dollars. A0033 (1) It's expensive (1)
¿En serio? Es muy cara. Seriously? It's very expensive. A0033 (2) It's expensive (2)
Pero todo es caro. But everything is expensive. A0033 (3) It's expensive (3)
Tienes razón. You're right. A0033 (4) It's expensive (4)
Está ocupado. It's busy. A0035 (1) Is anyone in there? (1)
Ah, disculpe. Oh, sorry. A0035 (2) Is anyone in there? (2)
No hay problema. Puede pasar. There's no problem. You can go in. A0035 (3) Is anyone in there? (3)
¡Sh! ¡No hagas ruido! Sh! Don't make noise! A0037 (1) The baby is sleeping (1)
¿Por qué? Why? A0037 (2) The baby is sleeping (2)
El bebé está dormido. The baby is sleeping. A0037 (3) The baby is sleeping (3)
¡No te preocupes! Don't worry. A0037 (4) The baby is sleeping (4)
¡Toma una copa! Take a drink! A0041 (1) Cheers! (1)
¿Por qué brindamos? What are we toasting to? A0041 (2) Cheers! (2)
Por mi nuevo trabajo. To my new job. A0041 (3) Cheers! (3)
¡Felicidades! Congratulations! A0041 (4) Cheers! (4)
¡Salud! Cheers! A0041 (5) Cheers! (5)
¡Salud! Cheers! A0041 (6) Cheers! (6)
¡Oye! ¿Te apetece un café? Hey! Do you want a coffee? A0047 (1) Coffee time (1)
Claro que sí. Of course yes. A0047 (2) Coffee time (2)
¿Solo o con leche? Black or with milk? A0047 (3) Coffee time (3)
Con un poco de leche, por favor. With a little bit of milk, please. A0047 (4) Coffee time (4)
Huele bien. It smells good. A0052 (1) Smells good (1)
Sí, son mis galletas. Yes, it's my cookies. A0052 (2) Smells good (2)
¡Qué rico! How delicious! A0052 (3) Smells good (3)
¡Cuidado, están calientes! Careful, they're hot! A0052 (4) Smells good (4)
¿A qué hora sale nuestro tren? At what time does our train leave? A0056 (1) What time is the train? (1)
A las tres de la tarde. At three o'clock in the afternoon. A0056 (2) What time is the train? (2)
¿Y qué hora es? And what time is it? A0056 (3) What time is the train? (3)
¡Son las dos cuarenta! It's two forty. A0056 (4) What time is the train? (4)
¡Apúrate! ¡Corre! Hurry up! Run! A0056 (5) What time is the train? (5)
Quiero hacer un depósito. I want to make a deposit. A0062 (1) At the Bank (1)
¡Llene este formulario! Fill out this form! A0062 (2) At the Bank (2)
¿Me presta su pluma? Do you loan me your pen? A0062 (3) At the Bank (3)
Claro. Of course. A0062 (4) At the Bank (4)
¿Qué le doy? What shall I give you? A0066 (1) Bottle of Water (1)
¿Me da una botella de agua, por favor? Will you give me a bottle of water, please? A0066 (2) Bottle of Water (2)
¿Agua con gas o sin gas? Carbonated water or non-carbonated water? A0066 (3) Bottle of Water (3)
Sin gas porque me da gas. Non-carbonated because it gives me gas. A0066 (4) Bottle of Water (4)
Enseguida se la doy. I'll give it to you right away. A0066 (5) Bottle of Water (5)
Gracias. Thank you. A0066 (6) Bottle of Water (6)
Mucho gusto. It's been my pleasure. A0072 (1) Here is my card (1)
Igualmente. Likewise. A0072 (2) Here is my card (2)
¿Me puedes dar tu e-mail? Can you give me your e-mail? A0072 (3) Here is my card (3)
Mejor te doy mi tarjeta de presentación. I'll better give you my business card. A0072 (4) Here is my card (4)
Tengo jet-lag. I have jet-lag. A0076 (1) Jet-lag (1)
¿Qué es eso? What's that? A0076 (2) Jet-lag (2)
El cambio de horario. The change of time zone. A0076 (3) Jet-lag (3)
Ah, claro, porque aquí son ocho horas más. Oh, of course, because here it's eight hours ahead. A0076 (4) Jet-lag (4)
Cierto. True. A0076 (5) Jet-lag (5)
¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas? Hi! What is your name? A0082 (1) My name is... (1)
Me llamo Antonia. ¿Y tú? My name is Antonia. And you? A0082 (2) My name is... (2)
Yo soy Roberto. I'm Roberto. A0082 (3) My name is... (3)
Encantada. Nice to meet you. A0082 (4) My name is... (4)
Mucho gusto. It's a pleasure. A0082 (5) My name is... (5)
¿Eres soltero? Are you single? A0086 (1) Are you single? (1)
Sí. ¿Y tú? Yes. How about you? A0086 (2) Are you single? (2)
No, tengo novio. No, I have a boyfriend. A0086 (3) Are you single? (3)
¡Qué lástima! What a pity! A0086 (4) Are you single? (4)
¿Cuántos años tienes? How old are you? A0092 (1) How old are you? (1)
Tengo treinta años. I'm thirty years old. A0092 (2) How old are you? (2)
Pareces más joven. You seem younger. A0092 (3) How old are you? (3)
Muchas gracias. Thanks a lot. A0092 (4) How old are you? (4)
Quiero el pastel de chocolate. I want the chocolate cake. A0096 (1) I am allergic (1)
Está bien. That's fine. A0096 (2) I am allergic (2)
¿El pastel tiene nueces? Does the cake have nuts? A0096 (3) I am allergic (3)
No, no tiene. No, it doesn't have any. A0096 (4) I am allergic (4)
¿Segura? Porque soy alérgico. Are you sure? Because I am allergic. A0096 (5) I am allergic (5)
¡Disculpe! ¿Dónde está el baño? Excuse me! Where is the bathroom? A0102 (1) Where is the restroom? (1)
La segunda puerta a la derecha. The second door on the right. A0102 (2) Where is the restroom? (2)
Gracias. Thank you. A0102 (3) Where is the restroom? (3)
De nada. You're welcome. A0102 (4) Where is the restroom? (4)
¿Tiene servicio a la habitación? Do you have room service? A0106 (1) Room service (1)
Sí tenemos. We do have it. A0106 (2) Room service (2)
Quiero una hamburguesa. I want a hamburger. A0106 (3) Room service (3)
Se la llevo en diez minutos. I bring it to you in 10 minutes. A0106 (4) Room service (4)
Gracias. Thank you. A0106 (5) Room service (5)
¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? What's your phone number? A0112 (1) What is your telephone number? (1)
Mi número de móvil es el seis, cinco, dos, doce, cincuenta y seis, cincuenta y seis. My cell phone number is 6-5-2-12-56-56. A0112 (2) What is your telephone number? (2)
OK, te llamo en la noche. OK, I call you at night. A0112 (3) What is your telephone number? (3)
Vale. Great. A0112 (4) What is your telephone number? (4)
¿Quieres una menta? Do you want a mint? A0116 (1) Do you want a mint? (1)
¿Por qué? ¿Me huele la boca? Why? Does my mouth stink? A0116 (2) Do you want a mint? (2)
Sí, ¡toma! Yes, take this! A0116 (3) Do you want a mint? (3)
¿Me da una tarjeta de teléfono? Will you give me a phone card? A0122 (1) Telephone card (1)
¿Para llamadas nacionales o internacionales? For domestic or international calls? A0122 (2) Telephone card (2)
Internacionales. International calls. A0122 (3) Telephone card (3)
Diez euros. Ten euros. A0122 (4) Telephone card (4)
Gracias. Thank you. A0122 (5) Telephone card (5)
¡Mírala! Está coqueteando. Look at her! She is flirting. A0127 (1) Flirting (1)
¿Por qué? Why? A0127 (2) Flirting (2)
Te ve y te sonríe. She looks at you and she smiles. A0127 (3) Flirting (3)
¡Perfecto! Voy a hablar con ella. Perfect! I'm going to talk with her. A0127 (4) Flirting (4)
¿Qué te pasa? What's happening to you? A0131 (1) I miss them (1)
Extraño a mi familia. I miss my family. A0131 (2) I miss them (2)
¡Llámalos! Call them! A0131 (3) I miss them (3)
Buena idea. Good idea. A0131 (4) I miss them (4)