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-AR / -ER / -IR
conjugation example translation
-AR / -ER / -IR hablar to speak
Yo infinitive+ía hablaría I would speak
infinitive+ías hablarías You would speak
Él infinitive+ía hablaría He would speak
Nosotros infinitive+íamos hablaríamos We would speak
Vosotros infinitive+íais hablaríais You all would speak
Ellos infinitive+ían hablarían They would speak

Some things to note:

  1. Endings in the future tense are attached to the infinitive, not just the stem, of the verb.
  2. -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs all take the same endings.
  3. If these endings look familiar, it is because they are the same as the -ER/-IR endings of the imperfect tense. And thus, as with the imperfect, the yo and él forms are the same and may use subject pronouns for clarity.