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-ar -er/-ir
conjugation example conjugation example
no + subjunctive hablar no + subjunctive no comer
no + stem + es no hables no + stem + as no comas
Él no + stem + e no hable no + stem + a no coma
Nosotros no + stem + emos no hablemos no + stem + amos no comamos
Vosotros no + stem + éis no habléis no + stem + áis no comáis
Ellos no + stem + en no hablen no + stem + an no coman

Some things to note:

  1. Negative commands (ordering someone to not do something) are formed with a verb in its conjugated subjunctive form preceded by the word "no."
  2. There is no yo form in the imperative. One does not simply give commands to oneself.