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View Menu
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The View Menu is a drop down box located on the Control Bar in the Hammer Editor. It contains adjustable settings for the four viewports, offering you a variety of ways to edit your map. The Map Menu is one of the more useful menus in the Control Bar, since it defines how you edit the map, something you'll want to customize for yourself.

Screen Elements[edit]

Autosize 4 Views[edit]

2D X/Y[edit]

2D Y/Z[edit]

2D X/Z[edit]

3D Wireframe[edit]

3D Filled Polygons[edit]

3D Textured Polygons[edit]

3D Shaded Textured Polygons[edit]

3D Lighting Preview[edit]

3D Ray-traced Preview[edit]

Center Views on Selection[edit]

Center 3D Views on Selection[edit]

Go to Coordinates...[edit]

Go to Brush Number...[edit]

Show Connections[edit]

Show Helpers[edit]

Show Models in 2D[edit]

Hide Items[edit]

Hide Entity Names[edit]

Use Radius Culling[edit]

QuickHide Objects[edit]

QuickHide Unselected Objects[edit]

Unhide QuickHide Objects[edit]

Convert QuickHide Objects to Visgroup[edit]

Move Selection to Visgroup[edit]

Draw Materials Opaque[edit]


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View Menu
Map Menu Tools Menu