Sonic R/Resort Island

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File:Sonic R - Course1CE.jpg
Location of Coins and Emeralds

The first level of the game.


[edit | edit source]

Collect all the coins on this course to unlock Metal Sonic.

  1. On top of the rock, just after the first corner.
  2. Under the waterfall.
  3. This coin is behind the 20 ring door near the village.
  4. On the hairpin turn, just after the village, keep going forward. The coin is located on one of the islands.
  5. On the hairpin at the very bottom of the map.


[edit | edit source]

There is only one Emerald on this course (Blue). It is located behind the 50 ring door.


[edit | edit source]

Inside the rock tunnel, there is a point where two walls meet. If you move into that point you should be able to go through it and run around the outside of the course.