Sonic R/Regal Ruins

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File:Sonic R - Course3CE.jpg
Regal Ruins

Collect all the coins on this course to unlock Egg Robo.


[edit | edit source]
  1. Turn left just after the start line and go up the ramp. The coin is just after the bridge.
  2. Just after the start line there is a hill on the right hand side. The coin is on top of this hill.
  3. After the bridge take the left instead of going up the hill. The coin is above the spring in the corner.
  4. At the same place as above go right (through the tunnel), then take the left at the junction to find this coin.
  5. This coin is on the main track.


[edit | edit source]
  1. Same place as coin 1 above. Go through the ring door to get the Emerald. (Orange)
  2. After you go up the ramp near the start of the course, go through the ring door to find the Emerald. (Yellow)