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A a [aa]

like ask 

B b [bee]

like bird 

C c [ae]

like hair 

D d [dee]

like day 

E e [ee]

like eat 

F f [ef]

like fly 

G g [gee]

like gold 

H h [haa]

like help 

I i [ie]

like India 

J j [jot]

like yes 

K k [kaa]

like kiss 

L l [el]

like life 

M m [em]

like man 

N n [en]

like nice 

O o [oo]

like old 

P p [pee]

like play 

Q q [kuu]

like quit 

R r [er]

like rice 

S s [es]

like sea 

T t [tee]

like time 

U u [uu]

like urge 

V v [vau]

like very 

W w [wee]

like west 

X x [ex]

like ox 

Y y [y]

like day 

Z z [set]

like zoo


Gender[edit | edit source]

  • man nin
  • woman haweeney/mareey/dumar/naag/xaawoleey
  • husband nin
  • wife xaas/oori/afo
  • boy wiil
  • girl gabar/gabadh
  • father aabe
  • mother hooyo


The Somali language has a number of dialects including:

  • Northern Somali
    • Northern Somali
    • Darod
    • Lower Juba Northern Somali
  • Ashraaf
  • Banaadir
  • Digil
  • May

Dialect Maps[edit | edit source]