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Software Development with Continuous Integration

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Continuous Integration in Controlled Software Development Environments[edit | edit source]

Author(s): Matthew.t.rupert (Matthew Rupert)

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction: Continuous Integration for Software Medical Devices
  2. Why Continuous Integration?
  1. Software Medical Devices
  2. Version Control
  3. Validation
    1. Unit Test Framework for Acceptance Tests
    2. Roles (Developers/QA)
    3. Keep the Tests Green
    4. Keep the Tests Current
  4. Practical Application of Agile
    1. Resistance to Agile
    2. The Value of Agile
    3. Requirements
    4. Software Design Specification
    5. Traceability Matrix
    6. Peer Reviews
  5. DHF