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Wine (Wine is not an emulator) is an environment which works on Unix-like systems (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD)
and can run applications designed for Windows OS.
I can't say that Wine suits for virtualization applications chapter and it's not an emulator too.
But I put Wine to the chapter because it makes similar job than virtual machines.

Wine installation - stable version[edit | edit source]

1. It's available in Debian repositories:
apt-get install wine
2. To check Wine settings go to: Menu-> System-> Wine Configuration.

Wine installation - development version[edit | edit source]

You can try non-stable version if you want.
1. First add new repository address:
deb sid main
to file:
2. Receive public key:
wget -O - | apt-key add -
3. And install application:
apt-get update
apt-get install wine

DLL libraries, fonts and other components installation[edit | edit source]

To run Windows OS softwares under Wine you need to get some libraries I installed using one of tools:

Winetricks[edit | edit source]

"Winetricks" script is available on:
1. To download it right click on the link and choose: "Save it as..."
2. If you don't know what you should install using winetricks, run it in Terminal to open its GUI:
sh winetricks
and choose packages you need.
3. Second way to install basic libraries is typing command:
sh winetricks allfonts riched20 richtx32 gecko autohotkey dcom98 d3dx9 mfc40 wsh56 msi2
4. Full list available libraries, fonts and applications is here:

PlayOnLinux[edit | edit source]

Good choice to install "Windows" applications with "Wine" is using "PlayOnLinux".
1. Installation from repositories:
apt-get install playonlinux
2. Run it from Menu-> Applications-> Games-> PlayOnLinux.
3. Click on "Install" to open applications list.
4. The application is very easy to use, just mark a program to be installed and "Apply" to do so.

Others - not supported[edit | edit source]

  1. Winetools
  2. Wine-doors

Windows applications installation[edit | edit source]

Now you can install Windows applications.
Just remember that Wine is only an environment simulates Windows OS so you can't run any application.
There is a list below of applications compatible with Wine.

Wine repositories applications[edit | edit source]

Open sources version of some applications can be installed using "winetricks", for example:
"7-zip" archivizer, "divx" and "xvid" codecs, "flash" plugin, "IE6" or "IE7" web browsers
having command in Terminal, for example:
sh winetricks ie7 

"exe" applications[edit | edit source]

If you downloaded an "exe" software you can install it in two ways:
1. In Thunar file manager mark the package and choose from mouse menu: Run with "Wine".
2. Or in Terminal (never as root) with the command:
wine application_name.exe
3. The installation runs in the same way as under Windows but applications are installed in folder:
/home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files
4. To run an application:
a. Menu-> Other-> Application name
b. Open Thunar file manager and go to folder as above and right click on it: Run with "Wine"
c. Or in Terminal:
wine /home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Application Folder/application.exe
5. If you want to uninstall an application, use Wine uninstaller:
Menu-> System-> Wine Uninstaller then mark the application and click on: Uninstall.

"msi" applications[edit | edit source]

"msi" applications needs "msi2" package I installed before using "winetricks".
1. To install "msi" application:
msiexec /i application_name.msi
2. To run the application do the same like for "exe" applications.
3. To uninstall it:
msiexec /x application_name.msi
4. A list of "msiexec" script commands is here:

Test[edit | edit source]

To be not treated as a writer only I did a few testing installations.
Not all of theme has been finished successful but it doesn't mean you can't make it better.
1. Internet Explorer 7, installations:
sh winetricks ie7
a. The application has been installed well but it works without navigation panels. 4.png
2. Internet Explorer 6.
a. I was not happy with IE7, I removed it and tried to install IE6:
sh winetricks ie6

b. Installator downloaded packages so I agreed with the licence but IE6 did not want to run.
3. Next I tried to install "IE6" using "IEs4Linux" script downloaded from:
a. Next extract it and run "ies4linux" script
b. It'll download and install "IE6" itself
c. The effect is the same as last time - negative.
3. Winamp - has been installed and works very well.


I want to say that very clear -  I installed random applications.
Installation problems on my computer don't mean that it'll be the same on yours.
The best way to find out is checking it yourself.

Links[edit | edit source]

  1. Wine home page:
  2. Wine on Wikipedia:
  3. Wine Wiki page:
  4. WineTools page:
  5. Wine-doors page:
  6. Winetricks page:
  7. Applications list compatible with Wine:
  8. IEs4Linux page: