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A number of games for Linux is quite large.
The list you can make bigger using emulators and virtual machines.

Gnome Games[edit | edit source]

It's a set of games designed for GNOME environment, such as: Chess, Mines, Sudoku, Blackjack and others.
Full list of gnome-games is available on the project side.
1. Installation:
apt-get install gnome-games
2. Running: Menu-> Games

GNOME games home page:

KDE Games[edit | edit source]

The KDE project contains a set of arcade, board, cards games and some more.
1. To install theme type in Terminal:
apt-get install kdegames
2. Running: Menu-> Games

KDE games home page:

Emulators[edit | edit source]

An emulator is a special kind of application which copy an operating system functions inside second one.
I'll describe a few emulators available in Debian "sid" repositories.

DOSBox Emulator[edit | edit source]

DOSBox emulates DOS operating system environment and lets run old versions of games and applications.
apt-get install dosbox

Home side:
And on Wikipedia:

DeSmuMe (Gtk)[edit | edit source]

DeSmuMe is an emulator of Nintendo DS and can run homebrew, demo and commercial games.
apt-get install desmume

Home page:
On Wikipedia:

FCE Ultra[edit | edit source]

Next emulator FCE Ultra simulates 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.
apt-get install fceu

Home page:
On Wikipedia:

PCSX[edit | edit source]

PCSX is an emulator of Sony Playstation console.
It's only available in Debian's "debports" repositories for "avr32" and "m68k" machines.

Home page:
On Wikipedia:

Stella[edit | edit source]

The last emulator in this chapter is Stella.
It's possible to run games designed for Atari 2600 console.
apt-get install stella

Home page:
On Wikipedia:

Wine[edit | edit source]

Wine as a simulation environment can manage with many games designed for Windows OS.
Wine installations and basic configurations is here: Sidux/Useable applications/Wine.
There is a list of games compatible with Wine on side:

Virtual machines[edit | edit source]

I think the best way to run games designed for Windows OS is using one of two machines:
Sidux/Useable applications/VirtualBox or Sidux/Useable applications/VMware Player
with Windows OS installed as a guest.

I propose to check Debian "sid" games repositories too: