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A file manager is an application which lets you work on files and folders such as creating, moving,
delating or name changing.
Thunar is a default file manager for XFCE environment but there is not any problem to work on any other.


1. If you work on different graphic environment than XFCE, you can install Thunar:
apt-get install thunar thunar-archive-plugin
2. Run it in Terminal with the command:
or run it from: Menu-> Accessories or System-> Thunar File Manager.
Sidux file manager.png

Thunar home page:
And on Wikipedia:


A default file manager for GNOME environment is Nautilus.
It has some more functions than Thunar but it's a little slower.
1. Installation:
apt-get install nautilus nautilus-data nautilus-share
2. Run it from: Menu-> Accessories-> File Manager or in Terminal:
Sidux nautilus.png

Nautilus home page:
On Wikipedia:


Dolphin is a default file manager for KDE for a while, it replaced previous file manager and web browser Konqueror.
1. Installation:
apt-get install dolphin
2. Run it: Menu-> System-> Dolphin.
Sidux dolphin.png

Dolphin home page:
And on Wikipedia:


PCMan is a small and quick file manager designed for LXDE environment.
1. Install it:
apt-get install pcmanfm
2. And run it from: Menu-> Accessories or System-> PCMan File Manager.
Sidux pcmanfm.png

PCMan home page:
On Wikipedia:

Midnight Commander[edit]

One of text console file manager is Midnight Commander.
1. Installation:
apt-get install mc
2. Run it in Terminal as an user:
or as root:
The basic operations on files are here: Sidux/System and packages management/Midnight Commander.

Home page:
And on Wikipedia:


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