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A file manager is an application which lets you work on files and folders such as creating, moving,
delating or name changing.
Thunar is a default file manager for XFCE environment but there is not any problem to work on any other.

Thunar[edit | edit source]

1. If you work on different graphic environment than XFCE, you can install Thunar:
apt-get install thunar thunar-archive-plugin
2. Run it in Terminal with the command:
or run it from: Menu-> Accessories or System-> Thunar File Manager.

Thunar home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Nautilus[edit | edit source]

A default file manager for GNOME environment is Nautilus.
It has some more functions than Thunar but it's a little slower.
1. Installation:
apt-get install nautilus nautilus-data nautilus-share
2. Run it from: Menu-> Accessories-> File Manager or in Terminal:

Nautilus home page:
On Wikipedia:

Dolphin[edit | edit source]

Dolphin is a default file manager for KDE for a while, it replaced previous file manager and web browser Konqueror.
1. Installation:
apt-get install dolphin
2. Run it: Menu-> System-> Dolphin.

Dolphin home page:
And on Wikipedia:

PCMan[edit | edit source]

PCMan is a small and quick file manager designed for LXDE environment.
1. Install it:
apt-get install pcmanfm
2. And run it from: Menu-> Accessories or System-> PCMan File Manager.

PCMan home page:
On Wikipedia:

Midnight Commander[edit | edit source]

One of text console file manager is Midnight Commander.
1. Installation:
apt-get install mc
2. Run it in Terminal as an user:
or as root:
The basic operations on files are here: Sidux/System and packages management/Midnight Commander.

Home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Others[edit | edit source]

  1. Konqueror:, Wikipedia:
  2. Krusader:, Wikipedia: