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I will show you a few audio players now.

Exaile[edit | edit source]

Exaile is a small but fully useable player similar to amarok, works on GTK+ libraries.
Exaile can play music from local discs, CD's and DVD's and internet.
1. Install it from repositories:
apt-get install exaile
2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> Exaile Music Player.
3. After first run application can search your discs to add all music files to it's library.
4. To choose music to play just drag and rop off theme from left tabs: Collection, Playlist, Files or Radio.
5. If you'd like to add plugins to the player go to: Edit tab-> Plugins.

Exaile home page:
On Wikipedia:

Amarok[edit | edit source]

Amarok is probably the best audio player for Linux.
It's installed with KDE environment as default.
Amarok can open audio files from local discs, CD's and DVD's, internet, iPod's players, iRiver's players,
can receive lyrisc and covers and integrates with Wikipedia.
1. Installation:
apt-get install amarok kdemultimedia-kio-plugins
2. Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Amarok.
3. If you created KWallet password before - use it, if not create new one.
4. Choose your music folder to add them to the library.
5. To open a music file or folder choose it from left side such as: Local Music, Internet, Playlist or Files
and drag them and drop off to the right side.

Amarok home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Audacious[edit | edit source]

Next quite interesting player is Audacious.
It supports most known audio files, it has it's own codecs and Winamp 2 skins can be used for it.
apt-get install audacious audacious-plugins audacious-plugins-extra
2. To run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Audacious.
3. sidux uses Alsa sound system so the first thing to do is changing audio output plugin:
Preferences-> Audio-> Audio System.
4. Audacious hasn't many skins so if you want to get more download theme from:
a. Downloaded "skin_packege.wsz" file (can be extracted) move as root to folder:
b. Next go to the player Preferences-> Skined Interface
and choose new one.

Audacious home page:
On Wikipedia:

Others[edit | edit source]

  1. Rhythmbox:
  2. Benshee:
  3. XMMS2:
  4. Bluemindo;
  5. BMPx: